School’s Out: How to Get Your Home Organized for Summer

by Alex ThatcherJune 2, 2017

Is Your Home Ready for the Summer Months Ahead?

In the words of Alice Cooper, “School’s out for summer!” Even if your summer hasn’t quite begun, it’s important to start thinking about what the coming season will look like in your home.

If you have kids, the summer months bring more joy, activity, and, yes, a great deal more clutter into your home. So what can you do to get your home organized for summer? Read on for our top summer organization tips.
home organized for summer cleaning

Kick of Your Summer Season With a Great Purge

The best way to start any new season: declutter your home. For summer in particular, the season brings high-traffic to your home, so it’s important to start the hotter months out with a clean, manageable space. Even if your kids are already out of school for the summer, it’s not too late! Call all of your kids to be your special helpers in picking up your home.

Enlist your entire family to go through individual rooms and communal spaces alike to pick out items that are no longer in use, in disrepair, or things you’ve simply outgrown. An as an added perk, the choice to involve your kids in de-cluttering your home helps to foster a habit of putting away items and cleaning up home spaces beyond summer months.
home organized for summer de-cluttering

Prepare for Summer With a Home Organization System

One of the best ways to stay organized for summer once you’ve decluttered your home is to set up an organization system. Having a place to store winter and seasonal items is important, as it allows for you to give your closets, floors, and other interior spaces a more open and lighter feel. If you have a basement, a shed, or spare garage space, consider crafting DIY shelves or storage space for stowing away seasonal items.

It’s also important to develop an organizational system for daily items. With the hustle and bustle of summer activity, it’s easy to lose track of simple things like mail, which can easily turn into clutter.

Peter Walsh, a home efficiency strategist, suggests creating a mail center to minimize summer clutter. He advocates for creating “three stacked letter trays on the counter into which mail will be sorted immediately upon entering the house. One tray is for open bills and other matters needing attention, one is for things requiring [family] input, and one (the top and most easily accessible) is for notes and reminders from the kids’ school.”

Walsh argues that if you have a designated space for mail, or for other everyday items, you’re less likely to clutter floors, tables, and open spaces in your homes.

Add Organic Items to Your Home

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned and organized your home for summer, celebrate the season by adding a bright, open feel to your space. Open windows, add a vase of fresh cut flowers, and bring back the white and neutral colored throws to your home. By adding a little bit of outdoor life and emphasizing neutrals, your space will feel open, airy, and full of life for the summer months ahead.
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