8 Expert Tips for Making Packing Less Stressful

by Jessica ThiefelsJuly 12, 2017

The worst part of moving is packing. Not only does it get expensive—that bubble wrap adds up quickly—but packing is time consuming and downright stressful. Instead of using the grin-and-bear-it tactics for your next move, use these quoted professional tips to make your life easier and less stressful during the process.
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1. Organize Before You Pack

“Organize belongings prior to packing into three categories:

  1. Move – all items that you are planning to keep
  2. Sell – items in good condition that you can make a little bit of extra cash from
  3. Discard – items that should just be thrown away

Then start packing items you don’t currently need first (think winter jackets if you’re moving during the summer months) or start with the walls. Most of the stuff on your walls are decorative and aren’t needed for day-to-day life. Pack away the walls and then move from room to room.”
– Justin Brasington, Head of Marketing, Moved

2. Pack for the Unpacking to Save Time Later

“Pack your belongings room by room to make unpacking easier. Label each box with your name, the room the box goes to, and a brief description of the contents. Mark items you’ll need right away once you move with ‘Unpack First,’ and mark only truly fragile items with ‘Fragile.'”
– Moving experts, Abba and Sons

3. Label Your Boxes On the Sides

“One simple thing people can do is to label moving boxes on the sides not the top. When boxes get stacked you can’t see the top labels. Additionally, making a checklist is very important. For packing, room-by-room, pack everything you will not be using while you’re currently living in your house.”
– Ben Soreff, Professional Organizer, House to Home Organizing

4. Start Packing Early

“If you’re moving at the end of the year, don’t wait; start packing right now. By doing this you’ll avoid many stressful, last minute, moments during the process.

In addition, you’ll also be able to pack your stuff at your own pace without any rush. All items you have planned to move with you will be well-organized and most importantly easy to unload when you arrive at your new location.”
– Kate Hart, House & Office Relocation Manager, Fantastic Removals

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5. Have a “First Night Box”

“Designate a ‘first night box’ with essential toiletries, clothes and dishes to get you through the first night without having to unpack everything.”
– Nick Friedman, CEO and co-founder of College Hunks Hauling Junk

6. Designate an “Essentials” Box

“One of the simplest but most overlooked tips that any homeowner needs is to fill a box with essentials. A box filled with a flashlight, tape, hammer, picture hanging hooks and nails, box cutter, extension cord and scissors that will help get items put away faster when the movers arrive to the home. These items come in handy when you least expect it.

Also include a roll of toilet paper for trips to the bathroom and paper plates, cups and plastic silverware for the unexpected pizza run after packing or unpacking all day. Remember the handy wipes or a roll of paper towels to clean up after pizza eating or in case of a spill.

Most of us think that when we move, we will have time to unpack and get everything put away immediately. With the amount of items we own, this does not happen often. So having some essentials on hand to help with the process will make any move a whole lot easier.”
– Elizabeth Dodson, Co-Founder, HomeZada

7. Pack Room-by-Room

“Packing can be overwhelming, but fully packing one room at a time can help ease that feeling and allow you to feel more accomplished.”
– Dustin Montgomery, Digital Marketing Specialist at Moving Blankets USA

8. Don’t skimp on moving blankets

“Don’t skimp on moving blankets, tape, and dollies. Moving blankets do more than keep your credenza from getting scratched up. They also make it much easier to slide items into an optimal position on the truck and down the hallway. You would be surprised at how well even large, heavy items slide when wrapped in a high quality moving blanket.”
– Emile L’Eplattenier, Real Estate Specialist, FitSmallBusiness.com

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