Get the Look: The Timeless Dining Room

by Kerrie KellyJuly 28, 2017

If your family is anything like ours, the dining room gets plenty of use. From everyday dinners with family and friends to holiday feasts that happen more often than we realize, this space gets a lot of love. Because we are so often crowded around the dining room table nibbling on snacks, enjoying family dinner, toasting a celebration or just kicking back, it’s become an important part of the home to keep updated and guest-ready at any moment. Below are our must-haves for timeless dining room style!

The Perfect Light

Nothing starts a conversation, warrants a picture opportunity or becomes the focal point of a room quite like a stunning light fixture. To make your dining room the true star of your home, consider a classic fixture like a crystal chandelier. The perfect chandelier doesn’t limit what’s happening around it—you’ll still be able to swap out decor, rugs and glassware without sacrificing the classic style you are going for. For an updated look, consider a chandelier with colored crystals. This modernized version of the timeless light fixture adds a touch of interest for the contemporary couple or eclectic family.

Stylish Storage Solutions

Your dining room doesn’t have to be a replica of your mother’s, with the antique china cabinet or solid-maple hutch. Instead, use a mixture of high-and-low cabinets, bar carts, consoles and tables as stylish storage solutions. Tuck your linens away in a sleek buffet, but keep the fun silverware up top in a beautiful vase or fashion-forward portable tray. If you have a set of heirloom dishes or glassware you want to show off but keep safe, consider glass-front cabinets with LED lighting for a touch of updated sophistication.

Beautiful Barware

More often than not, family dinners or a bite to eat ends with a drink, or two. We love to keep our favorite barware and accessories at arm’s reach so we don’t have to retreat to the kitchen and leave our guests alone in the dining area. Choose a fun bar cart in an updated yet classic material like Lucite and metal or solid wood, and decorate it with your favorite drink accessories like playful paper straws, cool crystal, and beautiful barware. Pour your favorite sips into decanters, keep a tray on hand for serving multiple drinks and don’t forget a little something extra—like old playing cards, a musical instrument or a game that everyone loves to play.

An Anchoring Area Rug

Acting as a catch-all, footrest and stylish accent, a timeless area rug is a dining room must-have. We love using indoor-outdoor rugs for the dining room as they’re durable and easy-to-clean, meaning wine can be spilled, chairs can snag and crumbs can fall without a worry. A beautiful hide rug, with its neutral coloration and contemporary look, is also a great option for a cozy dining room scene.

By combining a beautiful light, stylish storage solutions, beloved barware, and a durable area rug, your dining room will be a hit no matter the occasion. How will you decorate your timeless dining room?

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