Let’s Make a Fort! How to Live Like a Kid When You’re All Grown Up

by Jamey MortonJuly 27, 2017

Relive Your Childhood Dreams of Calling an Oversized Fort Home

We can all recall Peter Pan’s wanderlust-inspired love of Neverland, the place where you never have to grow up. Those who shared Peter’s dream of living in Neverland likely hold special places in their heart for childhood touchstone moments including: frolicking in open fields, sharing stories after-dark with pals, and, of course, building blanket forts.

Truth be told, we still haven’t outgrown the idea of building a cozy fort. Whether the fort is ensconced deep in the woods or tucked inside a small living room, forts offer a warm refuge from the outside world. And for those of you who are likewise unwilling to surrender your childhood love of making a fort, we have good news: you can now buy an oversized adult fort in New Mexico. Intrigued? Here’s what it looks like to live like a kid when you’re all grown up.
oversized adult fort

Settle in to Your New Mexico Fort Home

Tucked in the heart of Tularosa, New Mexico, you’ll find the answer to your childhood dream of owning an adult-sized fort. As you wind up Cross Creek Road, admire the property’s three acres of land. Before you set foot in your fort kingdom, admire your estate’s fruits — quite literally, too, as the fields hold pear, pomegranate, and peach trees!

The adult-sized fort carries a rustic charm. Curving stairs glide to a second-story entrance of a stately, rust-colored structure. Surrounding the home, you’ll find all the makings of a magical fort setting: hammocks swaying in the breeze, swings suspended from trees, and the gentle babble of the nearby river.
oversized adult fort in new mexico

Step Inside This Fort Made for Adults

Forts inspire great imagination. In childhood, sheets become rich velvet drapes, and glowsticks transform into magical lanterns. In this oversized fort home, the bones are there, but the fort’s interior is left to your imagination – you can design the inside to reflect your own fort-inspired dreams.

Currently, the home’s interior offers unique exposed wood and a stone fireplace, but our favorite detail is the kitchen. Reminiscent of a forest service fire lookout, an island counter suits this rustic kitchen perfectly. While the appliances aren’t exactly hip and modern, it’s part of the charm. This fort-style home kitchen is well loved, and equipped for adventure.

With two bedrooms and one bath, this abode is big enough to invite friends into your fort, yet small enough to cultivate that cozy fort feel.
interior of oversized adult fort

Does Monopoly Money Count as Fort-Buying Currency?

Whether you love the idea of owning a fort home for its ties to glamping or its childhood nostalgia, it’s easy to see why living in a fort is a wonderful adventure. While it’s going to take more than a few monopoly bucks to buy this home, this oversized fort is reasonably priced at $99,000.
oversized adult fort exterior


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