Surviving the Move When You’re a Diehard Sports Fan

by Adam YoungJuly 19, 2017

Moving across town, across the state, and even across the country can be exciting. Whether you’ve lived in the same place your whole life or have bounced around, new scenery keeps things interesting. But if you’re a diehard for your hometown’s baseball team, NFL team, or even the local university’s field hockey team, moving away can have a negative impact. How will you make it to those hometown games? You can’t miss playoffs! Knowing what you can get in terms of television, tickets and finding like-minded fans are part of the big move just as much as transferring the cable and electric!
baseball field

Cable and TV

Watching the games from the comfort of your home is different than being at the stadium in person, but it has its own set of perks. Most cable companies offer specific packages for sports including all MLB networks, all NFL networks, college sports networks, and local channels that are likely to show area triple A baseball teams. For example, Charter Spectrum offers a TV Gold package that includes Fox College Sports, NFL Redzone, Premier League Soccer, Outdoor Channel and more. Before you move, do your research and find out which cable provider will be in your new area and what sort of sports packages they offer. Chances are, they’ll have something that’ll help you keep up with your team!

Going Out

Of course, getting out and celebrating with other team diehards is half the fun of following a sports team. Many major cities and even smaller towns have dedicated sports bars where you’ll always find a game playing in the background. Even more mainstream bars like Buffalo Wild Wings have several different games playing at all times—including professional and college level games. Put your mind at ease before the move and check out what sports bars will be in your new area. Heading there during a big game will not only make you feel like part of the action, but you may find other “displaced” fans looking for a game buddy!

Getting to the Game

As a diehard fan, nothing — and I mean NOTHING — beats going to a game in person. The sound of the crowd cheering, the immediate camaraderie with strangers, the scent of hot dogs, nachos and popcorn mingling together on a hot summer day — there’s nothing quite like it! So, when a bar or the comfort of your own home simply won’t do for a game, you’ll need tickets. If your new home is a bit too far from your old stomping grounds, look for arenas closer to home where your team may be making a stop, and get ready to wear your colors with pride in the visitor’s section. You may also want to do your research to find out if a local farm team has ties to your favorite players.
Visitor section of stands

Deck Out the House

If you’re moving to a new space, you’ll need to bring your love of the team home. You can find just about any kind of sports memorabilia online, so why not shop for a few banners, historic photographs or even framed autographs to deck out the new place? NFL, MLB, NBA, and college shops have online stores where fans can snag a favorite jersey to frame or autographed balls to display, so you’ll still feel close to your favorite team right in your bedroom, living room or man cave. If you take a trek to a game before moving, stop off for a picture in front of the stadium or visit shops at the venue. It’ll be a great way to show your team spirit!

Just because you’re leaving what used to be home, doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out. Moving is both exciting and can be a bit of a culture shock. But knowing how to navigate your new hometown when it comes to your old habits is a step in the right direction. Getting the games you may miss streamed right to your television or finding a sports bar or club with equally diehard fans will help you cope with not being right next door to the team.

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