Tiny House Living Spotlight: North Carolina

by Carson BuckJuly 5, 2017

Living Small in North Carolina

Over the past decade, tiny homes have risen in popularity across in the country. And while the west coast continues to dominate the tiny home market, North Carolina has emerged as yet another trending tiny home destination. In towns that border the Great Smoky Mountains or Pisgah National Forest, living in a tiny home is a popular choice for those who prefer to call the outdoors home base.
tiny home living in north carolina

North Carolina Is One of the Best Places to Build a Tiny Home

According to Ecobuilding Pulse, North Carolina is one of the top five places in the United States to build a tiny house. Why? The state’s permitting and zoning opportunities, its ample supply of resources, and the number of tiny home builders are all highly conducive to building tiny homes. North Carolina ranks fourth in the top states for tiny homes, thanks to the number of tiny home builders and tiny home communities.
tiny home living in north carolina

Lifestyle Benefits of Tiny Homes

Beyond practicality, tiny home devotees argue that the choice to live small is about more than being smart when it comes to city housing regulations or saving money; it’s about a lifestyle change.

Barbara Drum, a resident of a tiny home community called the Village of Wildflowers in Flat Rock North Carolina, shares: “My New Year’s resolution has been to simplify my life, live less stressed, have a smaller footprint on the earth, and strive to be debt-free. It all came together at The Village of Wildflowers! I found the community I was looking for of caring, like-minded people in the mountains that I love.”

According to Matt Williams, owner of Straight Line Design (a tiny home builder in Portland, Oregon), “Community is everything in the tiny home world. When your neighbors share the same minimal lifestyle ideals that you do, it makes it easy to build strong communities.” So of course, we’re not surprised to hear comments like the ones coming from the Village of Wildflowers!

What Do Tiny Homes Look Like in North Carolina?

Like many other states with tiny homes, North Carolina’s dwellings offer alternative housing options that are both economical and environmentally friendly. But with a wealth of tiny home builders, North Carolina offers some of the best tiny home designs.

Brevard Tiny House, a small family business, offers tiny home buyers a range of designs that include common home features. Love the aesthetic of ladders and lofts? The company has multiple options! Can’t give up a front porch? You’ll find tiny homes with porches, too.

And regardless of which tiny home you choose, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality craftsman home that loves North Carolina’s natural landscape as much as you do — “because each of [the] floor plans is named after a natural feature of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.”
tiny home living in north carolina

Get a Taste of Tiny Home Living in North Carolina

Are you curious to see what it’s like to live in a tiny home community? To understand the holistic benefits of living small in a big state, visit Brevard: a quaint town in the heart of Transylvania County. Brevard celebrates living small, and many tiny home owners are eager to share the benefits of downsizing by opening their homes to visitors and renters.

Rachel, the owner of Brevard’s “Just Ripe Farm,” rents her tiny home to visitors who are curious about tiny house living. While her home has the essentials — a full kitchen, a working toilet, and a loft for sleeping — the small size encourages visitors to step out onto the greenway and explore Pisgah Forest.

One recent guest, Liz, shared that “the location is excellent for hiking and biking. I really enjoyed it. The size of the ‘tiny house’ forced me out on the trails, which made my Brevard experience a much better one.”

If you’re ready to cut costs and experience freedom in North Carolina’s beautiful mountain country, visit Brevard and start planning for your dream tiny home.

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