You Don’t Have to Be a Dinosaur to Live in Jurassic Park

by Sasha CarterJuly 25, 2017

Set Your Sights on a Dino-Sized Estate Right Out of Jurassic Park

As an author, Michael Crichton was immersed in the colorful, vivid worlds of his novels. And one world captivated him so much that it became home, both inside and outside the narrative.

The beloved Jurassic Park series authored by Michael Crichton unfolds in the rich flora and fauna of Hawaii. According to SF Gate, in the Jurassic Park films, “Kauai has captured most of that screen time, with locations from the North Shore (Napali Coast) to the South (National Tropical Botanical Garden), and from the East Side (the Wailua River watershed) to the West (Olokele Canyon and Manawaiopuna Falls).”

As so many scenes in the Jurassic Park movie were filmed on the island of Kauai, it should come with little surprise that late Michael Crichton loved the place so much he moved there and built his very own two-and-a-half-acre private park. If you’re in the market for an awe-inspiring, dinosaur of an estate, you’re in luck.


Enjoy the Lush Vegetation of Kauai From Michael Crichton’s Former Home

Set along Hanalei Bay, this two-and-a-half-acre acre property offers exclusive beachfront access to Kauai’s best outdoor living. This oceanfront estate is the perfect launching point to enjoy world-class surfing, mountain views, and old-Hawaii charm.

Despite its beachfront access, Michael Crichton’s former estate is secluded on private grounds that span several parcels as a collective of beachfront homes. In a theme-park style, ride from one piece of the property to the next as you immerse yourself in the home’s stunning landscape.

Fall in Love With Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park Home

While Michael Crichton fell in love with Hawaii’s lush, Jurassic vegetation, we’ve fallen for his state of the art home. Once inside the property, admire the home’s light, airy vibe that mirrors a cool island breeze. Finished by custom tailored furniture and decor, the home expresses traditional “Hawaiiana” through its contemporary modernism style.

Impeccably done, custom crafted and completely restored, this home’s kitchen is our favorite indoor space. With views to nearby white sands and crystal blue water of Hanalei Bay, preparing meals has never been better.

And while you’ll make the food indoors to keep the dinos at bay, don’t think you’ll be eating indoors too. The iconic beachfront location dictates an emphasis on outdoor living spaces, such as the outdoor dining room, providing guests and owners intimate settings to enjoy views of the expansive tropical landscape.

Keep Running: This Jurassic Park Estate Spans the Bay

And if this colossal estate isn’t quite big enough for you and a few roaming tyrannosaurs (or if you’re being chased by a few seemingly benign dinos), make your way across the street from the main home. Opposite Crichton’s former home you’ll find an additional 2-acre lot that includes an additional guest cottage with greater privacy, a pool cabana, and a swimming pool that measures around 75 feet.

Of course, this Lost World retreat wouldn’t be complete without a few park-inspired details: rinse off from your swim in the addition’s outdoor volcanic rock shower.


This Jurassic Park Has an Enormous Price Tag

Unfortunately, living like a dinosaur inspires dinosaur-sized prices. The two-acre addition across the street from the main house amounts to $10 million alone, and the full listing price comes in at $45 million. Currently, Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park style estate is the most expensive listing in the whole state. Maybe you can get a couple prehistoric creatures to help you go in on a mortgage?

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