10 Household Uses for Nuts

by Cheria BrickhouseAugust 7, 2017

How Can I use nuts around the house?

Everyone knows that nuts are a great source of protein (they’re also a great story line for the movie The Nut Job 2!) but did you know that you can add almond butter to your smoothies, use them in everyday cooking, and they even work as a substitute for eggs and dairy (ever had vegan cashew ice cream?) You did? But you may not have realized that nuts are also extremely versatile for a variety of simple household repairs.

Holy macadamia!


1) Use Soap Nuts as Detergent

Soap nuts are made from a naturally occurring soap within a berry shell from a plant in the Himalayas. The natural soap is called saponin, which forms a lather when combined with water. Soap nuts work well as a detergent because they work as a surfactant, lifting stains from fibers.

Because soap nuts are natural, they are also very mild on the skin. Many people use soap nuts to relieve eczema, psoriasis and even diaper rash.

2) Use Peanut Butter to Remove Gum

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare – a panicked call from your child to tell you that they got gum stuck in their hair on the playground. Instead of immediately reaching for the scissors, grab your jar of peanut butter from the pantry!

Although it may seem counterproductive to rub sticky peanut butter into an already sticky situation, the oils in peanut butter help to break down chewing gum. Since gum is hydrophobic, water won’t help at all. Peanut butter is your best bet before more intense solutions like lighter fluid or mineral oil.


3) Use Walnuts to Remove Nicks and Scratches From Wood Furniture

angie2According to Apartment Therapy, you can use a walnut to fill in nicks and scratches from furniture, wooden window sills and other wooden features of your home. As you rub the nut onto the surface, the nut will fill in the scratch as it wears down.

If you don’t have a walnut handy, you can also use pecans, brazil nuts, or almonds.

4) Use Coconut Oil as Conditioner

Coconut oil is an almost miraculous product for hair, especially curly and coarse hair. Coconut oil works to replenish natural oils and natural fatty acid to hair follicles.

This Bustle post details the many benefits of coconut oil for your hair and even goes into a few DIY recipes. Some of our favorites include coconut-aloe leave-in conditioner and the coconut soothing hair tonic.

5) Use Almond and Coconut Oil to Make Lotion

Because of coconut oil’s amazing hydrating qualities, it comes as no surprise that you can also make a soothing body butter with it. Almond oil is another unlikely nut that has hydrating powers – rich in nutrients like vitamin E and fatty acids, almond oil will give your skin some intense TLC.

Rawmazing has a great recipe for homemade body butter containing both coconut oil and almond oil. You can also mix in some of your favorite essential oils (like lavender) for a therapeutic effect.


6) Use Cashews as a Dairy Substitute

You can easily make cashew milk by simply soaking the tasty nuts in water for four hours before draining, blending in a food processor and adding lemon or nutritional yeast until thick and creamy. From there, you can make vegan cheese and even yogurt.

Paleo Grubs has a good recipe for cashew cheese, which can actually take on the consistency of mozzarella cheese just by adding tapioca. We dig it!

7) Use Pistachio Shells as Plant Drainage

Because pistachio shells are very hard with a high surface area, they will soak up excess water in your garden really well. Just place the whole shells underneath a layer of soil after soaking them overnight.

Check out The Green Home for more ways to use pistachio shells after munching on these tasty nuts.


8) Use Nut Shells for Composting

feng2If you haven’t used all of your leftover pistachio shells for garden drainage, you can compost them along with many other nut shells. Just make sure that you rinse them to remove any salt, as this can be bad for the plants that are trying to grow.

Home Guides has a great post on how you can also use nut shells as mulch, which will help your soil to soak up all of the nutrients from whatever nut shells you choose to use.

9) Use Hickory Nuts to Flavor Smoked Meat

If you are into smoking meats and looking for a unique smoky flavor to add depth to your meat, hickory nuts are basically the lost city of Nutlantis! Just add them to your grill or smoker when you smoke your meat and wait for the flavor sensations to explode. Check out our post on unconventional ways to use your grill!

10) Use Almonds to Make Face Masks

Because of the vitamins and nutrients present in almond oil, it works wonderfully to repair and regenerate dry and damaged skin. You can make a DIY face mask by combining almond oil or almond paste with honey and lemon.

Find some great DIY recipes for almond face masks at Health and Bloom.



Talk About Nutty Utility!

Nuts are delicious, that much is already a given – but they have tons of other uses besides delicious snacks and nutritious additions to meals. With these nutty DIY household uses, your house will be going nuts in no time. Surly would be proud. Check out how he uses his nut in The Nut Job 2 August 11th!

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