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10 Ways To Improve Your Backyard

A backyard offers all kinds of potential — so if yours is nothing more than grass, it’s time to do something about it. Through a few smart enhancements and additions, you can turn your backyard into a favorite gathering space, a playground for your kids, or a private retreat where you go to relax and recharge after a long day. The bottom line is a backyard can be whatever you make of it, so why not make it great? In the process, you not only create a more useful space, but you can also end up adding value to your property.

What are some creative ways to improve your backyard for more enjoyment and value? Here’s a look at 10 great ideas:

1. Create hangout space

backyard improvements hangout space

A deck or patio quickly turns a boring backyard into a desirable destination by providing a great space to entertain and relax. Whether you decide to install a deck, pour concrete or lay bricks, when you add an outdoor hangout area, you invite more enjoyment and activity. All you’ll need next is outdoor furniture and a grill.

2. Grow a garden

backyard improvements garden

Plants and flowers add beauty to your surroundings and help you take full advantage of time spent outdoors. Consider updating your landscaping with lush foliage or a vegetable garden to enhance your space.

3. Add a swing or hammock

backyard improvements swing or hammock

Is there anything better than laying in a porch swing or hammock, swaying back and forth in the fresh air? A swing makes a great addition to other patio furniture, and a hammock creates a quiet retreat among the trees or on a stand anywhere in the yard.

4. Build a playground

backyard improvements playground

Give your kids a park they can use every day when you add a playground area to your backyard. Even if you do something as simple as a sandbox, you’re providing your kids with a safe and private play space. Shop around to see that playground options today include everything from climbing walls to swings.

5. Add a fire pit

backyard improvements fire pit

There’s nothing cozier than sitting around a fire on a chilly night. A fire pit extends the hours in which you can enjoy your yard, giving you the perfect place to roast marshmallows at night or gather for conversations with friends as the sun sets.

6. Create water features

backyard improvements water features

Add luxury and tranquility to your yard with water features. The sound of gently flowing water evokes a feeling of peace and comfort, and fountains today come in all kinds of styles.

7. Hang outdoor lights

backyard improvements lighting

Add ambiance and class to your backyard with outdoor lights strung over the patio or across the trees. It’s hard not to love the magic of outdoor lighting illuminating in your backyard.

8. Get a pool

backyard improvements pool

For the ultimate in summer luxury, consider adding a pool for backyard enjoyment. You’ll love taking a quick dip in your private pool to cool off, and you could host pool parties to your heart’s content.

9. Buy a grill

backyard improvements grill

Set yourself up to enjoy the quintessential backyard activity of grilling dinner at home. Whether you choose charcoal or gas, you add a place to make meals and enjoy more time outside.

10. Enclose the yard

backyard improvements fencing

A fence can serve multiple purposes: adding privacy, protecting kids and pets, enhancing aesthetics and defining property boundaries. Get one to complement your home to boost the decorative value, and add plants or climbing vines to make your fence a real showpiece.

Knowing which features to choose for your backyard is mostly a matter of preference. You might prioritize creating a place for the kids when they’re small, or you might prefer a fire pit for hosting weekend parties. Feel free to explore the possibilities and let yourself dream a little — because a backyard can be one of your favorite parts of coming home if you make it that way!

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Happy house hunting!

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