DIY Summer Patio: How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Space

by Ben SanfordAugust 25, 2017

Turn Your Patio Into an Additional Entertainment Space

Picture yourself watching the early fall sunset with a glass of sweet iced tea, barbecuing with friends in your cool patio space, or hosting a neighborhood movie night in your backyard. Patio spaces are perfect for outdoor entertaining, but it can be difficult to decide how to use this unique space, so you can get the most out of it through the warmer seasons.

Whatever your goal may be, these DIY tips will help you turn your patio into a fun and useful outdoor entertainment space, to be enjoyed in spring, summer, and fall.
DIY projects for patio and backyard

Use Pallets for Seating, Storage, and More

Wood pallets will bring a rustic simplicity to your outdoor space. Rig up a pallet loveseat to give your space some extra seating options for when you entertain guests. You can also make a bench or sofa using the same technique. Check out Country Living’s post on how to creatively use pallets for DIY home decor.

Make a pallet planter by reinforcing the slats, giving it a snazzy paint job, and stapling black gardening plastic for shelving. You can find a great detailed tutorial on Country Living. This project is perfect for herb garden enthusiasts.

DIY Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

Plenty of charming lighting can rejuvenate a space and make it feel alive, and outdoor spaces are no exception. There are about a million ways to add lighting to your patio area. The Art of Doing Stuff has a great post on how to make outdoor lanterns out of clay pots (using only items purchased from the dollar store!).

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom also has some great ideas for lighting up your patio, including hanging mason jar candle holders and paper bag tea lanterns.
DIY projects for patio and backyard

Outdoor Movie Screen?

An outdoor movie screen is the perfect way to transition from afternoon barbecue to evening kick-back in your backyard or patio space. Think of it as a drive-in movie theater that you don’t actually have to drive anywhere to.

The Shabby Creek Cottage has a wonderful step-by-step tutorial for creating an outdoor theater using PVC piping and a white sheet. Then, just invest in a projector and some popcorn and you’re all set for a barbeque dinner and a movie. Check out our post on creative barbecue ideas for some serious backyard entertainment inspo.
DIY projects for patio and backyard

Outdoor Speaker System

When you entertain friends in your backyard or patio, you want to be able to set the mood with great music. Don’t hassle with low quality portable speakers – instead, set up an outdoor speaker system that will turn your entertainment up a notch.

Namko Pool has some great tips for installing surround sound speakers in your outdoor entertainment space. In addition, they have great resources if you’re looking to invest in a pool for your backyard, which is another way to make your backyard that much more fun for the whole family.
DIY projects for patio and backyard

Accessorize Your Patio With Water

Backyard fountains and water features are a fun and easy way to add a certain amount of wow-factor to your backyard or patio space. Backyard ponds and fountains create unequaled ambiance and actually can help to keep your yard a bit cooler in the steamy summer months, especially if you live in a really hot city like Nashville or New Orleans.

The Spruce has a useful post on how to make outdoor water features for cheap, as well as advice on how to fortify the stone structures that will hold the water.

Turn Your Patio Space Into a Seriously Fun Entertainment Space

If used to its full potential, a patio can act as an additional room in your house. These tips will help you curate your space so that you can entertain outdoors all summer long, into the warmer part of fall, too. From water features to movie theaters, you won’t get bored in your yard with these DIY tricks.

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