Here’s What Happens When Your Doll Collection Requires Its Own Doll House Mortgage

by Jamey MortonAugust 10, 2017

This Home Is Designed for You and Your Doll Collection

A home straight out of an Annie Baker play, this Richmond Texas home is designed to keep your dolls as comfortable as you are. While the 7,406 square foot home doesn’t come with Mertis Katherine and her inanimate menagerie of dolls (along with all the other strange objects in John), this custom home is well equipped to keep any doll collection comfortable.

Have you been collecting (or hoarding, really) dolls from years past? Have you stowed precious porcelain figures in a distant attic? Now’s the time to bring your collection home, when you invest a life-sized mortgage that will allow your dolls to live the good life you’ve always dreamed of giving them. Read on to peek inside this life-size dollhouse mansion.
dollhouse mansion texas

Take a Carriage Ride to Your Dolls’ Dream House

Located at 4302 Colony West Drive, this Texas mansion is an exceptional value. The home boast over two acres of lush, southern charm along the iconic Jones Creek area. As you approach the home, you and your dolls are treated with the utmost security: an auto gate leads you to a private circular drive and a four-car garage.

Ensconced in native trees and manicured landscaping, you’ll find a custom-made brick home. The tutor-style property is eye-catching, as the sheer size of the home suggests there’s room enough for you, your guests and an impressive collection of dolls.
dollhouse mansion staircase

Step Inside a Doll-Ridden Mansion

Once inside, you’ll note the current owner’s quirks and craftsmanship. Laboriously designed by the owner, every bell and whistle imaginable was added by the builder. Each detail, from staircase etchings to custom built-ins shows a high level of attention and craft.

The details also prioritize the owner’s collection: dolls. Cascading up the staircase, you’ll find dolls gazing at you with every step you take. Reclining in the living room, let your eyes wander the space to count upwards of 200 dolls. An antique store’s bounty, or a renovator’s nightmare – that’s ultimately for you to decide.

The home’s bones, though, are lovely, regardless of whether or not you continue to populate the home with small scale figures. In the kitchen, admire a stone range above the stove. Filled with top-notch appliances, this space is well-equipped to churn out top class meals.

The kitchen is ideal for both intimate morning breakfasts and evening guest entertainment. Pour your guests (mannequins or human) a glass of wine at the island kitchen, then invite them to sit back and watch your kitchen magic from the 5-seater bar.
dollhouse mansion kitchen

Wander Through This Doll Paradise

Take full advantage of the home’s amenities by exploring all the estate’s nooks and crannies. With five bedrooms and six bathrooms, the home is ready to be converted to a kitschy, doll-filled bed and breakfast.

Or if you prefer to keep your collection private, allow your dolls to sprawl through all the rooms in the house, including formal living spaces, a family room, a den, an art studio (perhaps they’ll be your muse??,) a game room, a trophy room and fabulous outdoor living spaces.

Once you’ve adorned the dolls with proper jackets, invite them on the veranda for a quick dip in the pool and a refreshing summer meal from your outdoor kitchen. And if they have a light appetite, invite a friend or two over for a memorable sunset along Jones Creek enjoyed from your back porch.

If we’ve piqued your curiosity, either for the memorabilia potential or the home’s incredible value, you should act now. Priced at $1,275,000, this Texas estate is well worth the investment. If you’re ready to tour the property now, check out the full listing details today on!
dollhouse mansion bathroom

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