Hobbit Luxury or Snow White’s Forest Mansion? You Decide

by Jamey MortonAugust 31, 2017

The Centuries-Old Santarella Estate Is on the Market

Nestled in the rolling hills of Massachusetts’ rural Berkshire region, it’s easy to conjure images of hobbits enjoying food in their homes as parades of forest royalty find refuge in wooden estates nearby. And in lush Tyringham, this whimsical countryside paradise exceeds all expectations – including those of hobbits from Middle Earth and princesses of German fairy tales.

While this countryside home doesn’t date back to the Third Age, this hobbit-style manor does trace its origins back to the 1750s. Steeped in history, this home has transported centuries of families and visitors to a world where whimsy and magic reign supreme. Eager to build a fairytale lifestyle? Discover all the magic Santarella has to offer

Step Foot in Woodside Luxury – Santarella Awaits

Ensconced in lush Massachusetts landscape, the property size is difficult to decipher at a glance. With almost four acres of lush English-style landscaped gardens, you can easily lose yourself in the property’s grandeur. Before you step inside any of the structures, take time to become acquainted with the estate’s sweeping bridges, babbling brooks, and beautiful blossoms that cover the property.

As you delve deeper into the estate’s mystical wonderland, you will discover that this countryside estate includes not one but four unique structures: the iconic “Gingerbread” style estate, a humble country cottage, a stunning Colonial home, and eye-catching, wood-clad silos. Together, the property totals 7,750 square feet and includes 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

Each structure is something from a storybook. Two wings of the Gingerbread House – stately silos – are picture-perfect. In each silo, you can run your hand along the weathered notches of wood as you ascend spiral staircases to lofted bedrooms where enchantment awaits.

In the beautiful colonial home, you’ll admire the striking red facade before you step inside to discover countryside living at its finest. Complete with stone fireplaces, four bedrooms, and vintage wood paneling, this home is something out of a dream.

Discover the History of the Santarella Estate

The details you’ll find in each structure have been formed from careful craft and attention over time. While the country estate is best recognized for its iconic shingled roof, this detail was added over a hundred years after the home’s genesis. Sir Henry Hudson Kitson, one of the home’s most famous residents, commissioned the thatched roof, a detail that took twelve years to complete.

Today, the details you find throughout the property – hand cut tiles, exotic stones, manicured gardens, studio silos, and stain-glass windows – weave together to create the magic of Santarella.

Claim the Magical Santarella Estate for Your Own

This unique country estate offers a world of opportunity. The four fantastical structures that compose the Santarella are being bundled and sold as one kingdom. The whimsical estate listing, priced at $2,490,000, is commercially zoned and ready for either residential or commercial use. Hobbits seeking luxury, investors searching for a fairytale property, and families in quest of an old-world cottage are encouraged to apply.

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