The Wave House in Venice Beach, CA: Inspired Artistic Living!

by Jamey MortonAugust 3, 2017

A Modernist Delight: This Venice Beach Wave House Was Inspired by Skateboards

In Venice Beach, water is omnipresent. Nature and landscape bleed into the everyday, as Venice Beach residents ride waves by morning and crest hills by night. The inescapable ebb and flow of the ocean waves saturates each and every detail of the town – including its architecture.

Designed by contemporary architect Mario Romano, the Wave House is praised as a work of art that “truly blurs the line between form and function.” According to Architectural Digest, the Wave Home “is composed of fluid lines and carved surfaces meant to reflect the organic shapes in nature.” In particular, Romano wanted the home’s form to recall “slopes for skateboards or snowboards—inspiration for which is not lacking in Venice.”

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Ride the Waves to This Stunning Venice Beach Home

As you approach Mario Romano’s Wave Home, step back to absorb the full scene. The yard’s natural vegetation complements stained cedar blocks; the home’s unique white aluminum façade looks as if it’s resisting the urge to flow with nature and cascade toward the ocean.

Every detail serves the home’s artistic vision. L.A. Magazine admires the home, claiming that “Even the pivoting front door has a Venice reference point, calling to mind a skateboard deck.” Undoubtedly, the home’s chic exterior makes a stunning first impression. With a nine-foot door, the home’s statement-driven exterior sets a strong precedent for the level of detail and attention to design you’ll find inside.

Coast on in to This Contemporary Venice Beach Home

At 5,700-square-feet, the Wave Home offers endless delights to its visitors. Designed in a modular U shape, the sprawling interiors include five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and an array of living spaces that perfectly blend the vibe of indoor/outdoor life.

Design highlights throughout the home include a state of the art kitchen/dining space, as well as a show stopping 40-foot hallway where glass walls open to the home’s interior courtyard.

The Wave Home is simultaneously innovative and playful. Walls and flooring throughout the home include details representing patterns occurring in nature, such as “tortoiseshell geometrics, stripes on windswept sand, starlike bursts in deep space.”

This contemporary Venice Beach home continues to impress with its outdoor amenities. Exit through the home’s operable glass walls to find a chic swimming pool accompanied by a covered outdoor living area. On warm California nights, let the crisp ocean breeze skate by as you recline in the outdoor screening room. Here, viewers stay warm with ceiling heating units as a high-end projector screens films onto a concrete wall.

Are You Ready to Call the Wave Home Yours?

Designed by in-demand, local talent, the Wave Home is an exceptional property. A piece of art itself, this modern home is well worth its $5,245,000 asking price. If you’re ready to add this skate-inspired home to your art collection, check out the full listing details today on

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