This Modern Steel Construction Home Has a Bank Vault Door Liquor Cabinet

by Jamey MortonAugust 24, 2017

Discover Hidden Bloomington Artifacts in This Modern Steel Home

It’s not the first time architects have gotten creative by re-purposing vintage bank vault doors. In Portland, Oregon, existing bank vaults are reused as bicycle parking; in Lisbon Portugal, historic bank vault doors serve as portals to contemporary art exhibits.

But this Bloomington, Indiana home goes a step further: the city’s old Bank One vault doors have changed locations entirely, and the bank vault door serves as a liquor cabinet inside a private residence.

Curious to see what other items the homeowners have re-purposed in this modern steel home? Read on to learn what other city artifacts have settled down inside this Indiana home marvel.
898 W Church Lane Bloomington, IN 47403

Visit One of Bloomington’s Architectural Gems

Located in Monroe County, Indiana, this Bloomington home balances urban comfort and country living with ease. Built on a beautiful 3.37-acre site, the home offers unparalleled access to the Clear Creek Trail. With its proximity to nature and its eye-catching landscaping, we won’t blame you if you take your time before venturing inside this contemporary property.

As you wander the grounds, note the home’s unique, steel-frame structure. Designed in 21st century style, the home’s exterior juxtaposes stone siding with bridge-like steel-frame support. And if you’re captivated by the outside details on this home, just wait until you step inside…
898 W Church Lane Bloomington, IN 47403

Inside This Inspiring Modern-Steel Home…

Inside, this modern steel home serves as a bit of a local menagerie. The home’s previous owners carefully curated city artifacts in each room throughout the home. Throughout the home, note how the exquisite curved steel frames the 1928 Von Lee theatre.

As you continue into the kitchen, you will find one-of-a-kind granite counter tops crafted from Bella art. Set in contrast to the dark, wood paneling used throughout the kitchen, the unique granite counter tops serve as a focal feature in the home’s open layout.

Relics from bygone Bloomington landmarks continue throughout the home. To visit the home’s upper level, ride the original Ryan’s Jewelers elevator that once occupied Bloomington’s downtown flagship store. To reach for a bottle of Scotch, turn the historic bank vault door from Bank One.

At every turn, you’ll marvel at the home’s singular ability to capture the past and present at once: the city’s history is matched with modern architectural features that deliver delight to homeowner and visitors alike.
898 W Church Lane Bloomington, IN 47403

Calling All Curators: Your Next Bloomington Home Is Waiting

What does it cost to purchase a discreet Indiana museum masquerading as a house? For $749,500 you can purchase this 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home. With over 4,200 square feet, and precious access to Bloomington’s past – we think this is a steal. Check out the full listing details today on!

898 W Church Lane Bloomington, IN 47403

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