Cleansing Negative Energy from Your New Home

by Mahogany WaldonSeptember 5, 2017

Home buying is one of the most satisfying experiences for most adults. Buying a home can be a symbol of a fresh start, newfound independence and sometimes the result of expanding one’s family. Whatever the reason, home buying is a joyous event!

While many home buyers are filled with the joy of their new purchase, now is not the time to get caught up in the hype of the move. There is still some serious work that needs to be done! Before you begin to make your new home your own make sure you do a quick cleansing to ensure any residents who may be lingering in the afterlife get their walking orders.

Blessing a home, or home cleansings are popular among home buyers to make sure their new home is heading in the right direction, and with the right energy.

There are several ways to cleanse or bless a home. Some of the most popular ways include:

  • Smudging.

    Smudging involves burning a variety of dried herbs wrapped together into a smudge stick. For most people, you can easily purchase a smudge stick from your local metaphysical store. Smudging is an ancient Native American practice and is believed to remove negative energies from spaces, objects and people. Popular herbs for smudging include: sage, lavender, sweetgrass, palo santo wood and rosemary. To use a smudge stick you simply light one end of the bundle and let it burn. As the smoke permeates your space, it gets rid of negative energy. Be sure to open some windows when smudging to free the negative energy and to air out the smoke. For those with respiratory issues, splashing your home with sage essential oil can be an alternative to burning a smudge stick. This can be done by adding sage essential oil and Florida water, a perfume elixir used for cleansing energy into a spray bottle and lightly spraying your rooms.

Two sage smudge sticks surrounded by incense holders.

  • Religious blessings.

    Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism are just a few belief systems that incorporate home blessings. Don’t be fooled by Hollywood movies, having a religious leader bless your home doesn’t always mean that your child has turned into Linda Blair from The Exorcist! Home blessings performed by a priest, rabbi or another religious leader can be used to bring in positive energy, prosperity and happiness to your new home.

  • Feng shui.

    Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical practice of harmonizing spaces. From the positioning of furniture, the incorporation of plants and greenery to getting organized, feng shui offers many options for creating a peaceful home. Feng shui is closely related to Taoism, another Chinese practice that focuses on harmony. The main belief in the two systems is that when things are balanced in one’s life, there will be peace and harmony. Sometimes cluttered, unruly spaces give off negative, uninviting vibes. Adding a few feng shui principles around the house can help your home have a more inviting and positive energy.

A perfectly organized room with good Feng Shui energy.

  • Light candles.

    Lighting candles will not only make your home smell divine, but a candle’s unique color and fragrance is believed to invite positive energy into spaces. White candles are said to bring purity and wisdom, while purple candles bring healing and pink candles bring love. Candles with a pleasant aroma also give your home personality and create a comfortable atmosphere for your guests and family. Burning incense can also be a great way to cleanse a home. Popular incense for cleansing spaces include sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, and cedar. Candles and incense can be found in just about any grocery, home decor or metaphysical store.

A nice living room with candles accenting the space.

  • Noise.

    Clapping and/or ringing bells is believed to disrupt and break down negative energy. When clapping or ringing a bell, be sure to think positive thoughts and set intention into your space. Setting intention involves envisioning or speaking aloud a specific intention for your space. Walking from room to room making noise also signals to your home’s dearly departed residents that your home only has room for the living, and that they have been served their eviction notice!

Cleansing a home of negative energy doesn’t only have to be a ritual practiced when first buying a home. Cleansing can take place after entertaining or inviting lots of guests over, after unknown people have been to your home to make repairs or to perform a service on your home, after an argument or whenever you feel you need some positive energy. Although our team here at aren’t Ghostbusters, we can definitely help you find the perfect home – negative energy free! Check out our listings for positively awesome homes. Who ya gonna call?!

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