What Stairway to Heaven Might Look Like, Imagined as a Home

by Jamey MortonSeptember 14, 2017

For the Love of Stairs: Odd Real Estate Details Go Beyond Charm

Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” has inspired a lot of weird visions over the years, but nothing quite like this one. Enter the otherworldly home located at 4923 Kessler Boulevard East Drive in Indianapolis. What was once a humble, three-bedroom ranch house has transformed into a 29,500 square-foot colossal property.

The now-mansion began morphing when its eccentric pimp-turned construction guru owner started buying up the neighbor’s properties, and then cobbled them together into one weird, mutant super house. Can anyone say “delusions of grandeur”?

If you’re ready to re-imagine Zeppelin’s vision of a stairway to heaven in the form of an entire house, look no further. This conglomerate of a home is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and we’re ready to take you through it on a tour.

Selling Heaven: How to Stage a Strange Celestial Property

When it comes down to it, we’re not really quite sure how to sell the ad hoc exterior of this mega-mansion. Between multiple wrap-around porches, Vegas-style fountains, a custom wood door, and even a mini trailer, the home’s exterior keeps you guessing about what you’ll discover inside.

But Gabriel Rosenberg, a professor at Duke University, praises this “Stairway to Heaven” listing not for its appearance, which he finds rather “ghastly,” but instead for its staging.

On a twitter thread that welcomes curious viewers into the home, Rosenberg describes his first impression inside the space: it’s a “combination luxury mansion-dentist’s office.” To be honest, we find it hard to disagree. You half expect to see a receptionist waiting at the nexus of the double-stair entry. If there was a fur-lined dentist chair resting behind the open stairwell, we wouldn’t be surprised.

But let’s not limit the possibilities of this eccentric home. After all, most people aren’t craving another painful trip to the dentist once they ascend their own personal stairway to heaven.

Exclusive Peek: What Goes on in an Alternate-Reality Heaven?

As you ascend the home’s stairway to elsewhere, you’ll start to ponder Rosenberg’s question as to whether or not the home’s stagers were in fact “trying to attract a weird sex cult to be the purchaser.” After all, it appears that in this home, truly anything goes.

The home boasts multiple ballrooms, (yes, plural) where an owner could easily host a “cover” party with guests dressed to the nines in one room, while a jungle-themed soiree rages late into the night in the second ballroom. Bizarre Gatsby-scale parties seem to fit right in at this home. As you move from pool to pool as gargoyles and statues look on, you’ll start to question if you’re staying at a resort or a slice of heaven in a strange, alternate universe.

And day-to-day living in the home? It doesn’t seem that hard to imagine reading a book by the Antonio Gaudi-inspired brick fireplace, or falling asleep in cave-like marble rooms. Now, does it?

Reserve Your Piece of Heaven Today!

If strange is your style, this home is begging you to be the next owner. And even if you can’t get behind the quirks of this famously heinous mansion, we can’t deny the home’s investment potential.

For the right buyer, the $1.75 million price tag is a small price to pay for an impossible to replicate rental or bed and breakfast property. And don’t worry, we won’t judge you when you remove the life-size gorilla and dolphin statues.

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