What’s Going on With Extreme Makeover Houses?

by Sasha CarterSeptember 26, 2017

If You Were a Fan of This Beloved Home Improvement TV Show…

If you were a home-renovation-obsessed child of the ‘90s, chances are you begged your parents to tune in to ABC on Sundays so you could watch the latest episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. And like many other fans, you praised the day that a home renovation was set to take place near your home, and maybe even joined hundreds of other eager bystanders, hoping to catch a glimpse of Ty or Tracy in action.

Even if you weren’t a Trading Spaces-inspired millennial, you’ve probably watched an episode or two of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. During the show’s 13-year run, millions of viewers tuned in to watch episodes where families who experienced trauma, natural disasters, and other hardships receive the gift of a lifetime – a brand new home.

The show’s camera crew shut down five years ago, but we haven’t stopped watching what’s going on with these homes. Curious? Read on to see where the Extreme Makeover homes are today.
Home makeover Aftermath

Checking In: Where Are the Celebrated Extreme Home Makeover Houses Today?

The television story delivered happy endings, but the reality behind the show sometimes rendered a complicated relationship between owner and mortgage. For some families, the joy of an extravagant home just didn’t wash with the realities of a crippling mortgage, high income taxes, and demanding upkeep.

In 2006, the well-deserving Hassall Family received a 3,298-square-foot home. The Kentucky neighborhood rallied together to build a space that fit the family’s needs, however, the show neglected to address the family’s long-term financial concerns. In 2009, a short three years later, the Hassalls were unable to meet the increase in utilities and property taxes, and the family sold the home to relieve the weight of a $100,000-plus mortgage.

Other families faced more serious consequences. The Harper family in Atlanta was all smiles when they received their new home in 2005. But when Milton and Patricia Harper leveraged the house as collateral to start a construction business, the business’s failure ushered their home into foreclosure. Facing options like either a home auction or filing for bankruptcy, the Harpers opted for the latter.
Home Improvement Construction

Here’s Your Chance to Buy an Extreme Home Makeover Property

While not every Extreme Makeover home faces the tumultuous endings of the Harpers or the Hassalls, the need to sell is a common one. Today, buyers can find Extreme Home Makeover properties on the market, as owners continue to relay stories of high taxes, impossible maintenance costs, and changing needs.

For show-enthusiasts and interested buyers, Jim and Carmen Simpson’s Extreme Makeover home in Savannah is currently for sale. Originally listed in 2012 (a year and a half after the home’s impressive reveal), the city’s iconic mint green, Victorian home is back on the market.
Extreme Home Makeover on the market
Carmen Simpson refers to the home as a “blessing,” claiming that “the whole experience is a blessing and it will forever remain as a symbol. The house itself will remain as a symbol of how it really impacted our son, Zoë.” Yet despite the family’s appreciation for the home, their ownership ended quickly, and the home is now looking for its third set of owners.

Listed at a price tag just shy of $600,000, the four-bedroom, four-bathroom home includes 3,323 square feet of living space. Built-out in elaborate television style, the home boasts a majestic foyer, sprawling columns, high-end appliances (including a 6 burner gas range, a convection oven, and a butcher block island top), and an outdoor pool and terrace.

If you’re ready to step into luxury, here’s your chance to own a former Extreme Makeover: Home Edition property. Just be sure to do your research, be sure to have clear understanding of the home’s high property taxes and expensive upkeep.
Extreme Home Makeover on the market

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