Why Retirees Should Consider Moving to Providence, RI

by Carson BuckSeptember 4, 2017

6 Reasons Providence, RI Is So Popular With Retirees

Retirement for many Americans means finally moving to a city where they’ll be content living out their days and enjoying their newly found free time. And with so many Americans nearing retirement age, you can rest assured that great cities for living out one’s Golden Years are becoming more and more popular.

According to Investment News, “some 24 million boomers are now 65 and older and 33 million more will join them over the next seven years.” For many seniors, retiring to a new area means choosing a city with a strong cultural scene, good restaurants, and like-minded people. If this sounds good to you, then here are six reasons why you will want to consider moving to Providence, Rhode Island after you retire.

#1: Free Lectures at Brown University

Brown University is one of the few Ivy League schools to open its doors to the public for lectures, talks, and other events. This can be very appealing to older Americans who love learning new things or gaining new perspectives on interesting subjects.

#2: The Arts

Providence has an incredible selection of arts for retirees to enjoy. From performing arts at the Trinity Repertory Theater (with its very own Tony award-winning theater group, the Trinity Repertory Company), to the creativity on display at the RISD Museum of Art (which happens to be the 20th largest museum in the U.S.), there’s no shortage of eye-capturing works of art all throughout the state capital.

Especially beloved is the public art display called WaterFire. It’s a series of “sculptures” created by 100 bonfires which are lighted along the three rivers in downtown Providence from June to September.

#3: Providence Is Highly Walkable

Staying fit is important after retirement, and one of the best ways that older Americans can get their daily exercise is by walking every day. Luckily, Providence happens to be a very walkable city. In particular, Waterplace Park, with its ¾-mile cobblestone Riverwalk and Venetian-inspired pedestrian bridges, makes for a truly wonderful time on two feet.

#4: Coffee Shops Galore

In 2015, Providence was ranked as one of the top 10 coziest cities by Honeywell. It earned the distinction because the city is home to a very large number of coffee shops and gourmet food shops selling specialty provisions. As one might naturally guess, Providence is serious about its culinary history. The city even has a museum dedicated to it – the Providence Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson & Wales University.
reasons Why Retirees Should move to Providence, RI

#5: The Athenaeum

Now that you have free time, maybe you want to satisfy that urge to read more? In Providence, the Athenaeum is one of the most storied libraries in the country. After all, this is where Sarah Helen Whitman received and read a message from her beau, Edgar Allan Poe, which informed her that he fell off the wagon after promising her sobriety, and this is what ultimately broke the relationship. In 2015, the Athenaeum was also ranked by CNN as one of America’s most spectacular libraries.

#6: Affordable Housing

With a median home value of $175,400, values have risen in Providence by 8.1% over the last year. Despite the leap, housing is still affordable and this is all-important for the retiree who is looking to buy. And, with experts predicting home values to rise by another 4.4% over the next year, now would seem like the ideal time to plan that move to Providence.

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