Can You Handle Living in the Home of a Former Organized Crime Boss?

by Sasha CarterOctober 17, 2017

This Home Is So Beautiful It’s a Crime

Galveston, Texas might not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of organized crime, but Sam Maceo, one of the primary developers of the Las Vegas Strip and the famous Desert Inn, ran a one-of-a-kind empire here. Maceo was largely responsible for Galveston Island being nationally recognized as a resort town. Nicknamed “Velvet Glove,” Sam Maceo’s smooth style won over everyone he met, from celebrities and politicians to business people and local residents.

To say Sam Maceo played an important part in Galveston’s success is an understatement. And now, the custom Georgian home he had built in 1952 is up for sale. Listed for sale at $1,150,000, this is your chance to live in the home of an organized crime boss. Think you can handle it?
live in a mob house

A Home Inspired by Old Blue Eyes

Sam Maceo so loved the design and aesthetic of Frank Sinatra’s mansion in Palm Springs that he hired the same architect to design this sprawling home located at 43 Cedar Lawn Circle. There’s even a picture of Sinatra’s mugshot on display near the front door!

Boasting 6,300 square feet of living space on one acre of land, this home is wide and spacious with plenty of art deco designs indicative of the period found throughout. The one-story home has no fewer than 10 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and a half-bath, making it perfect for a large family or for someone who loves entertaining.

A Luxurious Compound Designed for Privacy

With Maceo’s reputation as the area’s predominant mob boss, it makes sense that he would want his home to be safe and secure so privacy is nothing to be worried about with this home! The home’s driveway is protected by an imposing metal front gate bordered by protective brick walls.
live in a mob house

A Modern Open Floor Plan With Retro Flair

The home at 43 Cedar Lawn Circle has an open floor plan that allows you to move smoothly throughout its interior. Upon entering the home, the wall-to-ceiling windows give you an unencumbered view of the swimming pool and yard. There is also a retro-styled lounge area complete with fireplace and artistic shelving while over to the side is a cozy sitting space and beverage bar. The natural stone floor is the perfect finishing touch, bringing the outdoor in while lending a sense of timeless warmth to the space.

In the kitchen you’ll find a gourmet chef’s dream. Filled with commercial-grade appliances, stainless steel, and granite countertops, and understated cabinetry, the kitchen is roomy and conveniently designed for optimum entertaining. Throughout the home there are 9 full baths and one half-bath, so you’ll never run out of bathrooms for your family or guests. Each is designed with a clean, minimal approach with a focus on high-end fixtures. From shower stalls to soaking tubs, you can enjoy any bathing experience you desire.
live in a mob house
The home’s 10 bedrooms are designed in much the same way as the baths, with very few accents and a cool 1950’s vibe. The ceramic tile floors provide an elegant look and make for a seamless transition from room to room. With large windows overlooking portions of the grounds, the bedrooms are sublime and tranquil with a Zen-like atmosphere that’s ideal for getting a good night’s sleep. There’s even a chauffeur’s cottage/guest room located off the driveway.

Enjoy California Living in Texas

One look at the grounds of this marvelous estate and you’ll swear the home is located high in the hills of Hollywood. With towering palm trees, lush foliage, and plenty of shrubs, flowers, and native trees surrounding the property, the home is the picture of California living, yet located right in the heart of Galveston, Texas.

And what better way to enjoy your luxe new life than by soaking up the rays in the home’s curvy swimming pool? The pool area is arguably one of the home’s most popular statement pieces. With its comfortable covered seating zones, the swimming pool area is where your family will no doubt spend a lot of time.
live in a mob house

Love Sam Maceo’s Home? Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

This is one of the most preeminent homes in Galveston, Texas and it can be yours for just over $1 million. It comes stocked with comfort, style, and plenty of local and national history. This might be your one chance to live in the home of a former organized crime boss and it isn’t going to stay on the market long. So, put in your offer early and make it one the seller can’t refuse. Oh… Cement shoes are not included.

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