Decoration Ideas to Make Your House the Spookiest on the Block

by Jonathan DeesingOctober 25, 2017

Unpacking the same Halloween decorations year after year can feel like Groundhog Day – plant the same fake tombstones, put cobwebs on the bush, hang the witch legs in the tree.

But with more to do this season (pumpkin patches, anyone?) and shorter days in which to do it, taking the time to overhaul your decorations might not be a priority. Instead of spending an entire Saturday building a new graveyard, check out these hauntingly clever ideas that’ll scare the sheets off the neighbor kids.

Monster House – Dress Up Your House and Yard

If you aren’t incorporating your house itself to create some haunted features, you’re missing out.

DIY-Halloween-Front-Door-Mummy Halloween-Decor-2012-East-Coast-Creative-Blog

With just some construction paper, tape, and white party streamers, you can quickly turn your front door into a mummy. Similarly, some black felt can transform it into a Frankenstein’s monster. Or take it to the next level by turning your whole home into a monster.

Homemade spooky eyes are another great way to save money with unique decorations. One great way to scare trick or treaters is to cut eyes out of toilet paper tubes, put a glow stick in the tube, and scatter them in bushes and trees. You can go even bigger by making eyes out of white beach balls and stuffing them in an appropriate tree – you’ll have the biggest monster on the block.

Rust Sunshine Glowing Eyes Rust Sunshine Glowing Eyes (1)

Pumpkin Hacks – The Gourd, The Bad, and The Ugly

You can’t have Halloween without pumpkins – it just doesn’t work. But that doesn’t mean you need to stick with the tired old jack-o’-lantern and candle bit. With pumpkin in everything from our coffee to our Cheerios, there are definitely ways to mix things up.

Flip the candle-to-pumpkin ratio on its head by using mini pumpkins as candleholders. All it takes is a power drill and some cleaning and you can actually get some use out of your decorative pumpkins.

Your pumpkins are going to rot sooner or later – probably sooner if you have jack-o’-lanterns – so you might as well plan ahead for it. Carve jack-o’-lanterns earlier in the season and let them rot like shrunken heads for some seriously spooky and goopy thrills.
If you hate the idea of cleaning a pumpkin or throwing away a rotting one, make like Charlie Brown and get yourself a rock for Halloween. Find and clean the most pumpkin-like rock you can find – doesn’t matter how big or how small – and paint it like a jack-o’-lantern. You can even use glow-in-the-dark paint on top of white paint so your rock pumpkins still light up at night.

Other Haunts and Howls

One of my favorite DIY Halloween decorations is the cheesecloth ghost. With just some liquid starch (or corn starch) and cheesecloth you can make a freestanding ghost with some seriously eerie effects. You can mix up the shape to create a ghostly hand rising from the ground or add some lights to help your ghost pop at night.
Window silhouettes of everything from ghosts to spiders to bats are an easy project that only requires tissue paper, construction paper, and some glue.
35 Ideas To Decorate Windows With Silhouettes On Halloween Shelterness
No matter how you choose to haunt your house, remember that decorations don’t need to be expensive to buy or difficult to make. Be creative and make sure to use items around your house – those cardboard tubes look an awful lot like spider legs and that rubber glove could be a severed hand in the right light!

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