How to Get Your Home Looking Sharp for the Real Estate Photographer

by Alex ThatcherOctober 20, 2017

Selling Your Home? Real Estate Photographers Are Your New Best Friend

The best thing that you can do for your home as you prepare to sell it is hire a real estate photographer. Staging your home is the first step, but having beautiful photos of your home will bring in potential home buyers that might not have expressed interest without the photos.

Here is a list of things you should do before the photographer arrives, so that you can get the most out of your real estate photographer. This simple checklist will make it easy to get ready for one of the most important steps of selling your home.
How to effectively stage your home

1) Understand the Importance of Staging

A real estate photographer’s job is to take photos of your staged home so that you can show the world how beautiful your home is before potential buyers even step foot inside. However, it’s not the photographer’s job to stage your home. No matter how good the photographer is, if your house is cluttered, dirty or messy, then the photos won’t look good.

Keep your furnishings and décor neutral so that potential home buyers can dream up inspiration when they look at the photos. You may want to hire a professional stager if that is within your budget. Coastal Virginia magazine has a great article on the perks of hiring a stager before you open your home up to potential home buyers.

2) Take a Doorway Tour of Your Home

The first view that a homebuyer will have of each room as they tour your home is through the doorways. Likewise, one of the best vantage points for a photographer is at the doorway, as it makes the space feel more airy in the photo.

So, go through your home and examine each room without actually entering. Does it look spacious, tidy, and clean from the doorway? If you answered yes, you’re off to a good start. If you need more tips on how to make a small room seem larger, check out Style Caster’s article on how to maximize space in tight quarters.

3) We Can’t Say It Enough: Declutter, Declutter, Declutter,

Clutter is your worst enemy when it comes to staging your home. Potential home buyers don’t want to see your phone chargers, tissue boxes, vintage earring collection, or your five-year-old’s soccer portraits (no offense, they’re very cute).

Real Estate Media suggests making your home look a tastefully furnished hotel for the photographer. Although personal touches are great for when you’re settling into your home, as you begin the process of selling your home, stick to the mantra: the less personalized your home is, the higher the selling price.
How to effectively stage your home

4) A Quick Wipe-Down Isn’t Enough

After you’ve decluttered, you may want to consider hiring a cleaning team to come in and do a really deep clean. A quick wipe down with some Clorox wipes isn’t enough. You’ll want to remove all the grime from all the nooks and crannies of your home. Yes, that includes the garage and the basement.

The Sweet Spot blog has a great checklist to make sure your house is really well-cleaned before you bring in the photographers and potential buyers. The list includes the walls, light coverings, the interior of drawers and cabinets, and all the appliances in your house.

5) Stage The Exterior

A good real estate photographer will want to shoot both the inside of your house and the exterior, so you’ll want to make sure to prepare your yard and lawn. Weed, mow, trim, rake, sweep, and declutter. You may want to wash your driveway and sidewalks to make the exterior of your home really shine.

HGTV recommends adding a touch of mulch to any garden beds, and planting some color to add that little something extra.

6) The Finishing Touches

Wash your curtains and blinds, and then open them up to let in as much light as possible. Now that you’ve decluttered, you can consider adding a classy coffee table book or a candle in your living space to create a nice ambiance. Avoid magazines, but a bouquet of flowers can be a nice touch.

Make sure all of the beds are made and the duvets are smooth. Hide trash cans and other eyesores that may have been left during the decluttering process.
How to effectively stage your home

Preparation Is Key

When the real estate photographer arrives and sees that your home has been staged and looks amazing, they will see more potential and be able to take even more amazing photos of your home. The more opportunities for a great photo, they faster your home will sell.

If you’re ready for your real estate photographer but you still need more tips on how to prepare your home to sell, check out this article with tips for getting your home ready to sell.

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