If You Love History, You Can Buy the Oldest Log Cabin in America

by Jamey MortonOctober 26, 2017

An Old House Rich With History

History buffs around the world rejoice! The oldest log cabin is up for sale in Gibbstown, New Jersey. The cabin is located among relatively modern houses and has an addition added onto the original 16×22 foot structure to make it a completely livable home. The average home size for this era was 12’x12′, so the home is quite large by past standards.

The original structure was built in 1638 and was expanded sometime in the 18th century, and features Finnish woodworking and a plethora of unique artifacts that were found hidden in the home. Let’s take a look inside…
oldest log cabin in America for sale

A Blast From the Past

Harry and Doris Rink bought Nothnagle Cabin from Harry’s aunt and uncle. Harry had spent his childhood working on the house and so felt a special connection to it, and wanted to make sure that it would be well maintained.

Originally purchased in 1968, ten years later, he and his now-wife Doris celebrated their wedding in the house. The cabin was registered with the National Register of Historic Places in 1976 and is the oldest log cabin in New Jersey.
oldest log cabin in America for sale - interior

Take a Step Back in Time

The Rinks have been taking care of the cabin for 50 years now. They manage all of the upkeep using authentic maintenance techniques, including filling cracks in the logs with a clay mixture made from dirt and clay extracted from the earth in a nearby town. This method of reinforcement is true to the techniques that would have been used in the seventeenth century.

The property also includes a large garden and a 16-foot well. When the Rinks first moved into the house, the original wood work had been hidden by plaster. They since restored the home to near-original condition.

The cabin features a unique “double-dovetail” structure, which means that it doesn’t have nails to keep it together. It also has a sleeping nook and an antiquated “air-conditioning” system that keeps air flowing through the cabin during warmer months.
oldest log cabin in America - fireplace

Big (and Old) Shoes to Fill

The Rinks have found countless artifacts hidden inside the cabin, including a pair of 300 year old shoes. They regularly give free tours to history buffs and tourists who come through the 1.3 acre property. Harry knows the history and traditional application of all of the artifacts that have been found in the home.

The Rinks are hoping to sell the cabin to someone who will uphold the tradition and integrity of the historic home. In addition, the Rinks want to live their days out in the newer house connected to the cabin. Throughout the years, the Rinks have given tours to groups from all over the world including archaeologists, ambassadors, consulate generals, professors, and drop-in guests from as far away as Australia. They want to continue to offer tours and help with upkeep.
oldest log cabin in America for sale - kitchen

A Home for the History Books

If you love history and rare gems from the past, you may be the perfect fit for this unique and special home. The three bedroom cabin is currently on the market for $2.9 million. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone who wants to be a part of history and to share the wealth of history for many years to come.

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