Is Your Real Estate Agent Really on Your Side?

by Carson BuckOctober 16, 2017

5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Real Estate Agent

You have got to trust your real estate agent. After all, it is you and your agent against the world — or so it may sometimes seem. Your real estate agent is your personal liaison into the home buying experience, and in order to achieve success, you must present a united front. So, how can you tell if your real estate agent is working for you or if they’re just in it for themselves?

Start by asking yourself the below questions; then, you can determine whether you are making the right choices and find out if your agent is really on your team.
is your real estate agent on your side

1. Are They Returning Your Calls?

While this red flag may seem obvious, eager home buyers can turn a blind eye to something crucial like availability. Make sure your calls and emails are returned promptly, and that you are clearly your real estate agent’s top priority. You shouldn’t feel like a burden or like you’re being ignored.

2. Do They Listen?

This doesn’t mean simply nodding their heads in agreement when you talk about your fears and desires in a new home. What listening really means is to note each of your requirements and abide by them. Do you absolutely need bedrooms on separate floors for when the in-laws visit? Do you have two German Shepherds that need a backyard to romp in? If these are your needs, then your real estate agent shouldn’t be showing you one-story homes or townhouses. Make sure your needs are being heard and understood.

is your real estate agent on your side

3. Are They a Double Agent?

When the buyer and seller are represented by the same person, that person is called a dual agent. An agent working for both sides must withhold information to not create a conflict of interest, and it is doubtful that both parties will be pleased by the outcome. Make sure your agent is yours and yours alone.

4. Are They Straightforward?

The terms of your work together should be clear and agreed upon by both parties. There should not be hidden fees or poorly written contracts. Make sure your agent has done their homework and has your best interests in mind. Also, always listen to your gut—if you’re getting the heebie jeebies from your agent, it is probably time to search for a new one.

5. Do They Have a Day Job?

By that we mean: do they have a day job that isn’t being your real estate agent? Be wary of any agent who does it as a hobby or as a side job. You want your real estate agent to live and breathe home buying. How else are they staying on top of the listings and managing their clients? You need to see homes right when they go up for sale, especially in a competitive market, and anyone working part time may not be able to meet that demand.

is your real estate agent working for you

Have You Picked the Right Real Estate Agent?

So how does your agent rank? Make sure none of these questions has raised a red flag for you. And if they have, it may be time to reevaluate who you’re working with. Finding your dream home is a process, and you need someone on your team when it matters. Search for a trustworthy real estate agent in your neighborhood today.

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