Reebok Founder’s 14-Acre Brookline Estate on the Market for $90 Million

by Matty ByloosOctober 3, 2017

Check Out the Behemoth Brookline Estate: The House That Reebok Built

Calling all buyers with deep pockets, the most expensive home in Massachusetts is currently up for sale! For a mere $90 million price tag, Paul Fireman, the savvy founder of Reebok’s sporting goods empire, is selling his custom-built estate.

So what makes a home worth $90 million? For starters, the home is undeniably enormous – it’s a single-family residence that includes 26,623 square feet of living space. But it’s also about the location, as the home occupies no less than 14 acres overlooking one of the east coast’s premier golf courses. Let’s take a tour of the property now.
Reebok Founder's Brookline Estate

Controversy in Paradise

Whether you’re ready to shell out $90 million or you’re merely curious about the lifestyle of a sporting goods godfather, this home is certainly worth some of your attention. Designed and built for Fireman back in 1999, the estate spurred controversy among neighbors and golfers from the start.

The home borders the Country Club, a prestigious golf club in the area, and members weren’t keen on the home’s arrival. Members harped that the home was “aesthetically offensive,” and others commented, saying, “It’s ostentatious. It’s pretentious.”

Nonetheless, Fireman erected his elegant mansion. Located just off busy route 9, the mansion offers a retreat that’s bordered by sprawling hills and ponds, a peaceful escape from the city hustle not too far away.
Reebok Founder's Brookline Estate

Lavish Living in Brookline, MA

The location is one distinguishing feature of the property, because it’s nearly impossible to find acreage of this size only five miles outside of Boston. But the home itself is equally praiseworthy.

As you approach the entrance to the home, you’ll marvel at how well the estate pays homage to the nature that surrounds it: ponds, rolling lawns, and plantings are entirely reclaimed from the wild.
Inside, the home boasts equal grandeur. Made from coveted Indiana limestone, the home includes 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. The interior is bright, as natural light seeps through large-scale windows.

Light, neutral colors employed throughout the home amplify the mansion’s sheer size, yet minimal decor balances what could be an otherwise ostentatious space. Each detail, from the sweeping grand staircase to the central skylight, was individually hand-drawn, making this one of the most unique homes anywhere in the country.
Reebok Founder's Brookline Estate

Experience First-Class Living Just Outside Boston

But wait – there’s more! One of the home’s most striking features is found on the back porch. The expansive back patio spills onto the lawn, inviting guests to explore the estate gardens with a cocktail or glass of wine in hand. Or if you prefer to stay closer to the home, you can enjoy your conversation on the wrap-around porch, instead.

As you peer out through the home’s stately columns, you’ll be transported to another world. Our advice? Host the party of the century and invite your newest neighbors, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.

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