Safety First: Here Are the Five Safest Neighborhoods in Boston, MA

by Ben SanfordOctober 18, 2017

Low Crime Areas Do Exist in Boston

Watch any movie set in Boston, Massachusetts and no doubt you’ll be watching a crime thriller. Boston, like New York and Chicago, is often depicted as being run by mobsters and crooks. But, that’s because crime movies are big in Hollywood. In actuality, Boston is home to several neighborhoods where crime is nothing but an afterthought.

If you are thinking about moving to Boston, but you’re partly convinced Hollywood has it right, then here are five of the safest neighborhoods in Boston where you can enjoy family-friendly streets and low, low crime.
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#1: West Roxbury

West Roxbury has one of the lowest crime rates in Boston and last year the total number of crimes reported dropped by another 15%. With its clean, green parks, tree-lined streets, single-family homes, and quiet nights, this neighborhood feels like a suburb, despite being located in the city. And, with no nightlife in sight, West Roxbury is a particular favorite among families with children, retirees, and mature professionals. In 2016, this neighborhood’s crime rating was a scant 0.215%. Want to find out what West Roxbury’s housing stock has available right now?

#2: Jamaica Plain

With a 16% drop in crime over the last year, Jamaica Plain is one of the safest places to call home in Boston. Interestingly enough, this neighborhood represents the best of America — it is home to one of the most ethnically and economically diverse populations in all of Boston. Jamaica Plain has good schools, medical facilities, public transport, and other important amenities. And, it rests right up against the beautiful Jamaica Pond, the largest and deepest fresh water pond in the Boston area. Here is where you can find homes for sale in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood.
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#3: Hyde Park

Hyde Park is another neighborhood in Boston where you might be tricked into thinking you’re in a Boston suburb, because this part of the city is kept impeccably clean with plenty of green spaces to enjoy. This neighborhood is a frequent mention on most “safest neighborhoods in Boston” lists year in and year out. Last year, the area did experience a 6% increase in crime, but despite that hiccup, the area continues to be as safe a neighborhood as you can find in Boston. Want to move to Hyde Park? Start your home search here.

#4: Charlestown

Charlestown is the part of Boston that is depicted in the crime film, The Departed. But, unlike the gritty, crime-laden streets shown in the film, Charleston is actually one of the safest neighborhoods in Bean Town with a crime rating of just 2.14% in 2016. Charlestown is a particular favorite among young professionals looking for more affordable housing while at the same time still being within close proximity to Downtown. Here’s a list of available homes for sale in Charlestown.
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#5: East Boston

Along with low crime statistics (1.29%), East Boston has a lot going for it. For starters, it has a very diverse population and as a result, a vibrant and varied culinary scene. In fact, East Boston is where you can find the famous Santarpio’s pizza. And, now that the Ted Williams Tunnel is complete, getting to Downtown couldn’t be easier or quicker. Here’s a list of East Boston homes for sale.

Boston is a progressive city that — despite breaking new ground — continues to honor its past. But, one part of its past that it is making great strides to overcome is its history of crime. Today, Boston is a safe and friendly city that’s welcoming to people of all walks of life, so start your search for your next home in Boston and you won’t be disappointed.

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