U.S. Universities with the Most Nobel Prize Graduates

by Mahogany WaldonOctober 16, 2017

Are you a maniac for brainiacs? These universities have the most Nobel Prize recipients in the country. Awarded for their groundbreaking research, skills, and scholarship – these universities put the “A+” in academics. Many of the Nobel Laureates from these universities are faculty and staff members but our list focuses on their highly decorated alumni.
Map of U.S. universities with the most Nobel Prize graduates.

  1. Harvard: Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Classified as one of the world’s most prestigious schools, Harvard doesn’t disappoint with having 76 Nobel Prize Laureates that attended the school. Harvard has double-digit Nobel Laureates in four categories. One notable Harvard graduate and Nobel Laureate is former Vice President Al Gore. For Cambridge residents who enjoy this college town, there is a lot to do in the city. Harvard Square (the name of the plaza that also refers to a nearby neighborhood,) offers shopping, cafes and bookstores. The plaza, as well as the City of Cambridge, offers many Greek Revival and Colonial Revival architecture popular in New England. Harvard also has many university and off-campus sponsored events at its Harvard Art Museums, Harvard Library and Harvard Museum of Natural History.

  2. Columbia: New York, New York

    This Ivy League university, nestled in Manhattan, is fit for a gathering of geniuses. Columbia boasts 44 Nobel Prize winners that attended the school, mostly in medicine and physics. Notable Laureates and graduates from Columbia are Theodore Roosevelt and Barack Obama. If you’re ever visiting the Big Apple, you can find lots of events focusing on research and academia as well as the arts. There are several research centers including New York State Library, Archives of American Art New York Research Center, and more. New York is also the home of New York University, Rockefeller University, Fordham University, and Julliard among other notable colleges. There are many research centers and theatres associated with these schools that offer events that are open to the public.

  3. M.I.T.: Cambridge, Massachusetts

    It’s safe to say that New England has its fair share in distinguished universities. M.I.T has 36 Nobel Prize Laureates with physics and economics being the top categories of award winners. Kofi Annan, who served as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001 and he is a notable M.I.T alumni. Cambridge and the surrounding towns, including Boston which is about 20 minutes away, offer the best of New England living. Boston visitors can enjoy events at Fenway Park (go Red Sox!), shopping at Faneuil Hall, the Boston Aquarium and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

  4. University of California, Berkeley: Berkeley, California

    As one of the most distinguished universities on the West Coast, this school has Nobel Prize Laureates mostly in physics and chemistry but it has a good amount of economics and medicine awardees. An interesting awardee and alumni of UC Berkeley was Joseph Erlanger in Medicine who was awarded for “…discoveries relating to the highly differentiated functions of single nerve fibres.” For those visiting Berkeley, schedule a trip to the Lawrence Hall of Science that features a museum, planetarium, and hands-on science exhibits.

  5. University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    This research school, located in Chicago’s Hyde Park, is one of the top sagacious places for those looking to expand their educational endeavors – talk about a mouthful! Anyone heading to the Windy City should check out some fun places in the city including Millennium Park, the John Hancock Center, the Shedd Aquarium, the Loop Museum at the Art Institute of Chicago, or the Field Museum of Natural History.

Whether you have spectacular vernacular or are a math-wiz, these schools are pretty awesome for those who excel in academia. If you’re looking for a home located near one of the outstanding schools, check out our listings at Homes.com. You or your child could be the next Nobel Prize graduate from a school on our list!

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