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You Can Live in the Long Island Mansion That Inspired The Great Gatsby!

The Roaring 20s Are Alive and Well in the Home That Inspired The Great Gatsby

When F. Scott Fitzgerald penned his masterpiece The Great Gatsby, he drew inspiration from real life locations and people that filled his world. During the roaring twenties, Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda moved to Great Neck, New York. Here, rumor has it that Fitzgerald befriended Mary Harriman Rumsey, a railroad industry heiress, and it is Rumsey’s Long Island mansion that inspired the epic home of the mysterious Jay Gatsby.

Rumsey’s stunning Normandy-style home sits in Sands Point, NY, which in Gatsby’s world was known as the fictional town of East Egg. Are you eager to enter Gatsby’s world of beaucoup d’elegance? Read on to learn more about the home that inspired The Great Gatsby.

Great Gatsby Mansion

Watch for the Green Light From Daisy’s Dock Across From This Long Island Home

Located along a private beach on 235 Middle Neck Road, this opulent Gatsby-inspiring estate spans over 5 acres. A mere 25 minutes away from New York City by boat, this home is the perfect scene for a roaring 20s party. Just picture the glitz and glamour of fireworks reflecting across the water at all hours of the night.

Step Inside to Discover the Home That Inspired Jay Gatsby’s World

The jewel of this Gatsby-style estate is an 11,955-square-foot castle-style home. The impressive space boasts 13 bedrooms and 8 and a half bathrooms – ample space for hosting and entertaining visitors. The real live home that is said to have inspired Fitzgerald’s novel is as ornate as Gatsby’s home in the novel. (And the film too!)

Great Gatsby Mansion

Inside, you’ll admire the home’s original oak floors from the twenties, and it’s sweeping 12-foot ceilings. The meticulous plaster and wood paneling designs throughout the home reflect the careful attention to detail from the home’s original architect. However, the home also boasts several modern amenities such as heated floors (don’t worry, the original wood-burning fireplaces are still operational), top-notch kitchen appliances, and even an outdoor tennis court.

The estate includes additional properties, too. The new owners will also acquire a caretaker’s cottage, a guest house, and even an additional boathouse.

Great Gatsby Mansion

Let the Glory of Gatsby’s Legacy Live On

Although the fictional Gatsby and the real Mary Rumsey no longer host parties in this home, that doesn’t mean the house isn’t ready to continue its legacy. Today, the home is well equipped to host the party of a decade – in fact, the home’s walls are decked out with an impressive 10 zone Sonos sound system!

Great Gatsby Mansion

So what do you think – are you ready to uphold Gatsby’s legacy as a decadent host? The Long Island mansion is listed for $16,880,000, which represents a 15% price drop from last month. It’s a rare opportunity to own a piece of architecture that inspired a literary legacy, so act now if you wish to step into Gatsby’s opulent world of years passed.

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