4 East Coast Cities for Mountain Bike Enthusiasts

by Carson BuckNovember 24, 2017

Bring Your Bike Somewhere Beautiful on the East Coast

All in all, it’s pretty easy to find amazing mountain bike terrain in the US. From Utah to California, the west coast is riddled with some of the best mountain biking trails in the country, if not the world. But it’s a bit harder to find amazing rides east of the Rockies — though not impossible.

The east coast is full of hidden gems where mountain biking enthusiasts will find their stride amidst quaint towns and historic landscapes. Hidden among the rolling hills and small mountains of the east coast, you’ll find some surprisingly good mountain biking destination towns.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best east coast cities for bike enthusiasts, so you don’t have to travel all the way to the Pacific Ocean just to get in a good ride. Whether you’re looking for good trails in your region, or hoping to find a vacation town perfect for hardcore biking and relaxing, let this list guide you to your next bike-friendly destination.
biking on the east coast

1) Brevard, North Carolina

With breathtaking Appalachian views and miles of extremely technical single track, Brevard offers some of the best riding in the entire country. Don’t miss trails in Pisgah State Forest, Dupont State Forest, and Laurel Mountain. Blue Ridge Outdoors recommends any single-track ride descending from Clawhammer Road.

The town itself is brimming with all the necessities that bike enthusiasts crave: bike shops, breweries, rentals, guides, and tours. For the perfect brew after a brutal bike, be sure to stop by Ecusta Brewing Company and order a pint of the Single Track IPA.

2) East Burke, Vermont

For beautiful berms and flawless flow all year-round, check out Kingdom Trails in East Burke. With over 100 miles of trail that is groomed even in the winter months, Kingdom Trails offers amazing riding for all skill levels.

Find some great tips on navigating the trails from Katie Wanders. She also recommends hitting up some of the small town’s pubs, restaurants, and quaint bed and breakfast joints — including Mike’s Tiki Bar and The Barn.

biking on the east coastvia Katie Wanders

3) Wilmington, New York

Snuggled up against Adirondack High Peak Whiteface Mountain, Wilmington, NY is the hardcore East Coaster’s dream town. Treat yourself to some amazing downhill biking at Whiteface Mountain resort, which is also open all winter for skiing and winter sports. Wilmington was recognized by National Geographic as one of America’s best mountain bike towns.

The Wilmington Bike Fest draws in hundreds of bike enthusiasts of all ages every year for hundreds of miles of pristine bike trails and great community. Nearby resort town Lake Placid has tons of rustic eats and lakeside accommodations for your mountain getaway.

4) Ellijay, Georgia

Self proclaimed “Biking Capital of Georgia,” Ellijay offers more than 59 single-track trails, including Bear Creek, Pinhoti, and Mulberry Gap. Mulberry Gap serves up amazing trails, beautifully rustic accommodations, rentals, and practically everything else you could dream of for your east coast mountain bike adventures.

At Mulberry Gap resort, choose to stay in cabins, resort-style rooms, or camp — all with an optional breakfast available. Prepare for an epic ride in some of Appalachia’s most superb riding conditions.

biking on the east coastvia Mulberry Gap

It’s Time To Shred on Some of the East Coast’s Most Gnarly Trails

Time to tap into some of the east coast’s cleanest rides, now that you know where you’re headed. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy weekend getaway, or you’re traveling from far away to get the best dirt that the east coast has to offer, you’ll find magic on your bike in these four east coast bike towns.

Get stoked on amazing trails that are technical, beautiful, and all around flowy. Explore what the gorgeous east coast has to offer from the comfort of your bike.

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