Check Out the Shell-Inspired Architecture in This Venice Beach Architectural Gem

by Jamey MortonNovember 23, 2017

Modern Marvels: This Shell-Inspired Venice Beach Home Is a Dream

Beloved architect Mario Romano just unveiled another contemporary home that “truly blurs the line between form and function.” His newest design listing, located at 1227 Preston Way in Venice Beach, rivals his dramatic Wave Home, a structure that recalls “slopes for skateboards or snowboards—inspiration for which is not lacking in Venice.”

Similar to the famed Wave Home, this shell-shaped home pays homage to nearby natural elements. The modernist home recalls the inescapable ebb and flow of the city’s ocean waves by taking the form on a shell. Curious? Read on to learn more about Mario Romano’s newest California coastal property, which is currently for sale.
Venice Beach Shell Home

Experience Modern Venice Beach Living

Durley Park has come a long way in the past couple decades. In the late 90s, the Venice Beach neighborhood was known as working-class area filled with “pastel-colored houses and bungalows, and streets named after trees like birch and cedar.” Today, the highly desirable Durley Park neighborhood is home to some of the city’s modernist trophy homes, including Romano’s shell-shaped structure.

The shell-shaped home occupies a coveted 10,000 plus square foot lot in the prime Durley Park location in Venice Beach. As you approach the 5,700 square foot home, marvel at the home’s stunning, ultra-modern shape that mirrors its surroundings. As light plays on the home’s textured aluminum facade looks, you feel a natural pull toward the ocean. But resist that pull, for now, and step inside to learn more about this modernist home instead.
Venice Beach Shell Home

Discover Waves of Delight Inside Romano’s Modern Shell Home

We’re crazy about the blend of style and class that you find inside this modern Venice Beach home. As you enter the space, delight in the open floor plan that showcases clean, fluid lines, mirroring the organic shapes found in nearby nature.
Venice Beach Shell Home
As you wander through the home’s five bedrooms, five bathrooms, kitchen, dining, and living spaces, you’ll notice that the home plays with texture at every turn. Custom-designed cabinetry curls throughout the kitchen, while granite tile mimics the look of rocks found along the ocean floor. Seamless finishes throughout and custom design work together to create a pristine, prize-worthy home.

A few more features we can’t stop gushing over: at the back of the home, you’ll find an outdoor entertainment space that is equipped with a theater, a fireplace, a spa, and a pool – all located in the privacy of your own yard! With upscale, modern amenities placed throughout the residence, it doesn’t get much better than this.
Venice Beach Shell Home

Call This Venice Beach Masterpiece Home Today

How much do you have to shell out for this exquisite modern home? Priced at $4.85 million, this home is a steal when compared with other Romano designs, but you’ll have to act fast if you’re interested in owning one of Venice Beach’s premier designer homes.

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