A map highlighting the top five U.S. cities for contractors.

5 Cities Where Contractors Can Build a Better Life

Are you in the contracting business? No matter your area of expertise, contracting has many pros and cons. Unfortunately, factors such as weather and the economy can have a major impact on your job, which in turn, can impact your finances. It’s a delicate balance, so it would make sense for contractors to go where business is good and the factors are right.

These are the top five cities are where contractors can build a better life

A map highlighting the top five U.S. cities for contractors

While we were not surprised to see major cities like Los Angeles and Houston on the list, we were surprised to see Provo, Utah making the cut. Provo is a fast growing city — so fast in fact, that their economy has grown more quickly than any other metro in the country, making it the seventh fastest growing area in the United States. Provo came in second place for cities with the most contractors per capita (in US cities with a of population less than 100k) nationwide.

If you’re looking for a place to live where the construction field is booming, read more about these cities where contractors can build a better life!

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