Curb Appeal Projects to Try Before the Holidays

by Megan WildNovember 20, 2017

As your mother may have told you, how you look on the outside tells a story about how you feel on the inside. It’s a similar association for houses. Your home’s overall curb appeal is an insight to how well it’s maintained and shows others it’s cherished. Curb appeal sets a precedent for any onlookers or potential buyers that this extra grooming effort is what the home deserves and is worth.

Your house is rarely going to have as many eyes on it as it does during the holiday season. Family, friends, and general passersby will be checking out your home and hopefully admiring it. Take a look at the tips below to help your home shine above the rest with some truly elegant finishes and touches.

I See a Red Door…

H-Curb Appeal - Front Door Terra Cotta pots
…and I definitely don’t want to paint it black! Sprucing up your front door in a complementary color to your home’s existing palette is an equivalent of a facelift. For a fraction of the cost and time of repainting your entire fascia, painting your door in a beautiful hue adds contrast to the facade of the house.

While you’re at it, how about the tactical placement of some lovely fall-friendly potted plants in terracotta pots around your front door?

$: About 1 gallon of paint should come to no more than $35, and potted mini evergreen varieties should be about $20. It should take you no more than an afternoon to revive your front door.

A Not-So-Secret Garden

Showing off your garden is your prerogative as a proud homeowner. A well-manicured front garden not only welcomes any guests into your abode, but it’s also perfect for the holiday season.

As an easy DIY job that adds instant elegance and curb appeal to your house, a well-manicured lawn only takes a quick runaround with the lawnmower. If you are inclined to go the extra mile, edge your yard for an even more pristine finish. If time is of the essence, you can always try spray paint. For a nominal cost, use nontoxic paint to give your garden a green, fresh look.
H-Curb Appeal - Garden Maintenance
Want to make your front yard pop with color? If you’ve never planted flowers in your yard before, this is slightly more labor-intensive, but worth it. Go to your local store and get some organic, locally sourced fertilizer. If you have a large area to cover, a landscape tiller attachment can mix compost into your soil, making the job both faster and easier. Then, keep in touch with the season and plant annuals like petunias and impatiens.

$-$$: Assuming you already have a lawnmower, the lawn shouldn’t cost you anything unless you decide to buy the spray paint, which typically goes for less than $30 per quart. Your flower beds will require more effort on a regular basis — good-quality fertilizer should cost around $10 and a box of annuals will come to under $20. A landscape tiller attachment rental is the most cost-efficient for a one-time project, and typically costs less than $200 a day.

The Big Cleanup

Washing down your home’s fascia will remove any dirt and give it a bright and sparkling feel. While pressure washers work perfectly for this, your garden hose ramped up to its highest setting should also garner enough force to leave your house shining.

Prune those bushes, hedges, and surrounding trees on your property for extra elegance and glamour. Your home should be proudly visible from the road, not covered in overgrown trees. Pick up some hedge-trimmers and shears and put some muscle into it.
H-Curb Appeal - Garden Hose
$: If you need to rent a pressure washer, expect to spend about $50 per day — but this shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to complete. Check with your neighbors first to see if you can borrow one of their pressure washers. Hedge trimming should take you about three hours to do an impeccable job.

It’s All About That Fall

Be imaginative and have some fun — get creative and tailor your curb appeal to the season or holiday. Here are some fabulous suggestions for adding some flair to your house with pumpkins, wreaths, and monogrammed welcome mats.

From white pumpkin ornaments to seasonal seating with carefully placed benches, involve the whole family for arts and crafts sessions to truly celebrate each holiday while adding some unique and original curb appeal.
H-Curb Appeal - Pumpkin Decor
$: While this can vary, source some cheap but cheerful supplies from your local houseware store as well as from online arts and crafts shops. The time and money you spend are entirely up to you, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Adding curb appeal to your house should be a labor of love. It will continue to bring you, your guests and even passersby so much joy every day.

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