How to Decorate Vintage for Christmas

by Kylie Ora LobellNovember 24, 2017

If you’re feeling particularly nostalgic this holiday season, decorate your home with a vintage Christmas theme. Share your favorite childhood decorations, or search for new retro-inspired items. Vintage decor is always on trend, so you can spread cheer for years to come.

Hang Up Large, Multicolored Lights

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Commemorate the oversized lights of Christmas past by hanging multicolored C9 bulbs around the outside of your home. Or string them around your Christmas tree and add silver or gold tinsel for vintage flair. You can find C9 lights that blink in time to music or opt for app-controlled lights that allow you to change the bulb colors from your smartphone.

Set Up a Victorian Village

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Many of us remember those fun Victorian-style Christmas village sets from our childhood, with shops, schools, churches, houses, sleds, and even fake snow that gave the village a wintery vibe. Re-create these memories with your kids by incorporating a Victorian village scene into your decor.

Buy or make display shelves for your village, or simply arrange it around your Christmas tree or on your dinner table. Many villages light up at night to create a warm, cozy glow in your home all season long.

Decorate With a Ceramic Christmas Tree

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Light-up ceramic Christmas trees used to be in every house in America when the holidays rolled around. Add one to your decor this year and you’ll feel like you’ve taken a time machine to the 1950s. You can place this tree on your Christmas table or on a shelf or fireplace mantel above the stockings.

Take the kids to a paint-your-own ceramics shop where they can craft their own vintage-style ceramic Christmas trees.  Some shops have trees that are hollow so you can place a battery-powered LED light inside.

Buy Vintage Ornaments

White Christmas tree with golden and silver balls, gift boxes
Authentic vintage or vintage-style ornaments give a nod to your childhood and help you reflect on your Christmas memories. Opt for classic glass bulbs or choose ornaments of car models that were popular when you were younger or cartoon characters you loved as a kid. You can also deck your tree with hand-me-down ornaments from your parents and grandparents. To get the full effect, hang the ornaments on a retro-style artificial tree with pink, white, or metallic silver branches. Finish off the tree with more C9 Christmas lights.

Go Shabby Chic

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Shabby chic decor was a huge trend in the 1980s and 1990s. For a retro feel, find some shabby chic furniture and decorations. For example, you could buy a bench at a yard sale, paint it red or green, and use it as part of your Christmas decor. For a super trendy rustic touch, pick up a distressed window frame from an antique shop or flea market and spray-paint it gold, white, green, or red. Prop it on a shelf or table with a decorative Christmas wreath.

Display an Old-Fashioned Christmas Sled

A good old-fashion winter activity.
Remember those snowy winter mornings when you would jump out of bed and go sledding? To commemorate your childhood excitement, place a wreath with lights on an old sled. You can also hang fake poinsettias, pinecones, ribbons, or bells on a sled and place it in your garden or by your Christmas tree.

With a few fun ideas and the right vintage Christmas lights, you and your family can go down memory lane and transform your home into a nostalgic paradise this holiday season.

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