One of a Kind Ghost Town for Sale in Utah — Are You Ready to Wrangle Ghosts?

by Jamey MortonNovember 9, 2017

Settle Into a Haunted Paradise

Have you had your eye out for a spooky patch of land to call home? Look no further than the 154 acres of forested land known as Maple Creek Mine in Helper, Utah. Roughly 3 dozen buildings still exist as places for things to hide and haunt, as do the remnants of the railroad tracks that once went through the town and mine.

Known as the “Maple Creek Mine,” the property is covered with maple trees, which are rare in this part of Utah. The parcel of land is home to deer, elk, moose, bears… and maybe even more [cue creepy haunted music here].
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A Property Rich in History and Spirit

This gorgeous piece of land comes with both character and spirit. In addition to possible ghosts, you’ll find thirty cabin structures that may or may not have paranormal tenants dwelling in them.

In addition to the cabin space and amazing historic relics dotting the property, you’ll also find numerous trails, roads, and railroad grades weaving through the land. Formerly known as the Maple Creek Mine, the property has been a destination for folks looking to snowmobile, cross country ski, hike, horseback ride, and camp for years.
mine in utah

Invest in Property That Comes With Otherworldly Amenities

With purchase of the property, you may inherit a herd of cattle, deer, cougars, turkeys, and/or ghosts. The town in which the property is located, Helper, Utah, is notoriously known for spooky ghost encounters and paranormal confrontations. Multiple people have reported feeling “a cold hand” brush up against their legs and other body parts.

With no cell phone service on the property, you’ll find the property to be wonderful peaceful. It’s perfect for buyers looking for a private, secluded getaway.
mine in utah

Haunting History and Mysterious Heritage

The mine was opened in 1927 by Maple Creek Coal Company. It was only in operation for four years, as a fire ravaged the property and the mine had to close in 1931. The property is no longer rich in coal, but you’ll find a treasure trove of wild flowers and scene vistas throughout the land.

The listing agent, Mike Metzger, notes that the property is riddled with old railroad parts, an old mining generator hood, tram cables, and even a fireplace. Located two hours from Salt Lake City, this expansive piece of property is perfect for folks looking for a remote escape from bustling city life.
mine in utah

Next Stop, Ghost Town

One potential buyer noted that they are considering refurbishing the old mine structures and cabins and turning the land into a ghost town attraction. Carbon County, where Helper is located, has multiple other ghost town sites that attract tourists all year round.

For the reasonable price of $225,000, this amazing property could be yours! All acreage and square footage was obtained from county records, so potential buyers should consider obtaining independent measurement. Don’t miss out on this ghostly deal!

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