Step Inside the Past’s Vision of the Future in the Jetson’s House

by Jamey MortonNovember 16, 2017

The Futuristic “Jetson’s House” in Miami Is for Sale!

Calling all architects! Here’s a trend worth mentioning: “tropical modernism” is a style not to be ignored. Tropical modernism is “a design movement in which sensitivity for local context combines with the form-making principles of modernism.” In human-speak, tropical modernist homes push spatial boundaries to create bright, open spaces that focus on appreciating the environment in daily life.

Affectionately known as the “Jetson’s House” for its futuristic lines and sleek design, this Miami residence is a perfect example of the tropical modernist movement. Designed by Rufus Nims, the man responsible for the iconic orange rooftops of the once-ubiquitous Howard Johnson’s hotels, this Miami property is a strong departure from Nims’ commercial design. Curious? Read on to learn more about this innovative home.
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Tropical Modernism in Mid-Century Miami

Keeping in line with tropical modernism’s “rules,” Nims integrated this Florida home within the lush, surrounding scenery through a clean, sculpted approach. The home’s white concrete elements, structural frames, and garden details complement the Morningside neighborhood’s natural landscape.

A true student of tropical modernism, Nims designed this 1949 home considering the location’s weather, and he “designed the home to complement the way the wind moved around its shape.” As you gaze at the home’s exterior, you’ll notice a sleek, curving staircase that ascends from the home’s driveway to the front door, thereby creating space for wind and movement. If you think that’s cool, just wait until you go inside…

Step Inside This Iconic Modernist Home

Here’s where the “Jetson’s House” just keeps getting cooler. Inside the home, note the sleek, structural details that set this home apart: tall columns in the home’s central living space emphasize an open floor plan that takes full advantage of lush, surrounding vegetation. This common living area is brimming with design potential – picture an artist’s studio space facing toward the floor-to-ceiling windows, or a minimal Eames chair set against the original wood paneling.
jetson home
The rest of the home is pure delight for those who love mid-century kitsch. The bathroom shows dark wood paneling, the period kitchen is an ochre scheme, and the backyard holds a bean-shaped pool, perfect for weekend relaxation. Whether you’re ready to live in this home as-is, or you’re ready to get on board with pre-approved architectural plans that are available for an extension, this property has a lot to offer its next set of residents.
jetson home

Become the Next Owner of the Iconic “Jetson’s House”

While this home is due for a few updates, Nims’ homes are hard to come by. For architecture enthusiasts, the home is a statement, or a collection piece. And if you can stomach the reduced $1,875,000 asking price, this is an opportunity worth jumping on.

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