These 5 City Names Will Ruffle Your Feathers!

by Mahogany WaldonNovember 17, 2017

Birds of a feather flock together in these cities with their pretty Cuckoo names. These cities have lots to offer. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a city fit for a pretty hummingbird or good eats (Polly want a cracker?) you’ll find it in one of these bird-like cities.

A map of city names that resemble birds.

  1. Birdseye, Indiana

    Birdseye is an antique town located in Indiana’s Jefferson County. Although it’s a small place, Birdseye has a local winery, eateries, and multiple parks.

  2. Birdtown, Ohio

    Birdtown isn’t really a city, it’s a neighborhood. Although it’s just a tiny part of a much larger city (Greater Cleveland) it’s on the US Registry of Historic Places. The neighborhood is also unique in the fact that it has two names: Birds Nest and Birdtown are the same places!

  3. Bird City, Kansas

    Despite its name, Bird City is named after its founding father Benjamin Bird. This small town has an annual antique engine show and a number of festivals and family-friendly events.

  4. Bird Creek, Alaska

    Bird Creek doesn’t disappoint in its Alaskan-style aesthetic. Many residents enjoy Bird Creek’s campgrounds and the city is famous for its salmon fishing. This small town is a great outdoorsman’s paradise.

  5. Bird-In-Hand, Pennsylvania

    Bird-In-Hand is a part of the historic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The area is largely known for its Dutch antiquity, and Bird-In-Hand is no exception. This small town has annual Fall Harvest Tours and is well-known for its Amish cuisine.

  6. White Bird, Idaho

    White Bird, Idaho has a population of 91 – this bird isn’t making much noise! What the town is lacking in residence, it makes up for in charm! This scenic town overlooks a massive canyon as well as some relaxing lakes. White Bird also has an advantage of having impressive wildlife calling the town home. White Bird residents have seen their share of elk, bears, wolves, and other wildlife. Those visiting White Bird can enjoy hiking, four-wheeling, fishing, and more.

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