Top Cities with the Longest Commute Times

by Mahogany WaldonNovember 13, 2017

You have to get to work, right? The coffee in the break room isn’t going to make itself and you’re an integral part of the morning meeting, your team needs you!

About 86% of U.S. commuters travel by automobile daily and it’s costing many Americans big time in some big cities. Drivers in the U.S. lose on average about 42 hours sitting in traffic per year. If that isn’t cringe-worthy consider this, Americans who drive to work burn an average of 19 gallons of gasoline sitting in traffic annually according to data compiled by Auto Insurance Center.
A photo of a congested traffic jam on the highway.
Traffic jams are a leading cause of many people showing up late to work. They also contribute to accidents and road rage-related incidents. Traffic congestion also produces many environmental and health risks. Here at, we’ve created a list of the cities with the worst commute times to help you avoid wasting your time and money sitting in traffic. By avoiding a traffic nightmare, you can enjoy the perks of your home without a headache.

  1. Washington, DC

    DC must stand for “Dreadful Commute.” (editor’s note: lolz) The average commuter in the nation’s capital will spend about 82 hours in traffic annually. What makes for such a horrible commute? With a large, diverse population of over 600,000 in a such a small area, add in the several workers employed at government agencies traveling from sister-ing states, DC becomes a hotbed of traffic for those looking to punch the clock.
    Tourist are walking and driving by car at this busy crosswalk to view the famous presidential Memorial building of the 16th president on a sunny day.

  2. Los AngelesLong BeachAnaheim, California

    If you drive to work in the “City of Angels,” Long Beach, or Anaheim metro, you can expect to spend around 80 hours per year stuck in traffic on your way to and from the office. One factor that contributes to the monstrous traffic is that Los Angeles is not only a hot spot for year-round tourism, but is also a big hub for conventions and trade-shows drawing in professionals from all over. The Valley, Downtown, and South Bay areas in and surrounding LA’s metro are the area’s hotspots for rough traffic jams. According to Intrix, a company that compiles data on the worst traffic in the US, Los Angeles’s terrible traffic congestion is expected to cost LA drivers approximately $91 billion in lost time, wasted gas, and carbon emissions by 2026 unless traffic improves.

Aerial view of complex highway interchange in Los Angeles California.

  • San FranciscoOakland, CaliforniaIf you live on this side of California’s Bay Area and drive to work, you’ll be spending around 78 hours per year in traffic. San Fransico’s traffic congestion is legendary, as well as Oakland’s with many residents traveling back and forth across the Golden Gate Bridge, the traffic becomes outrageous. Although it’s been dubbed one of the world’s most photographed bridges due to its signature construction, it’s also one of the most congested.

A shot of Bay Bridge and San Francisco skyline from the Yerba Buena Island.

  1. New YorkNewark, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

    It’s not surprising that the New York tri-state area is on the list for worst commutes. Drivers in the New York metro spend roughly 74 hours per year in traffic. New Yorkers in the NYC metro also pay a pretty penny in wasted gas. Annually, NYC commuters pay $1,739 in wasted gas. Just a word to the wise, the Big Apple has big traffic congestion.

Traffic on street in Manhattan.

  1. San Jose, California

    Another California city with bad traffic is San Jose. Located in California’s South Bay Area, San Jose drivers spend 67 hours in traffic per year. Although the city has made progress in planning to create more expressways and more transit options, those driving to work have it pretty bad.

Early morning action at San Jose California international airport.

  • Boston, Massachusetts

    This New England city is well-known for its transit issues like the other cities on the list. Bostonians spend an average of 64 hours in traffic yearly. A study compiled by the Boston Globe points at self-driving cars as being a major solution to Boston’s massive traffic problems, but will it solve the issue? Despite the study, Boston drivers waste $1,388 in gas per year. Much of Boston’s problem, apart from infrastructure and congestion, could be the drivers themselves. According to an article by, Bostonians crash more than twice as often as the average driver.

Traffic at an intersection in Boston.

  1. Seattle, Washington

    As this West Coast city expands, traffic becomes a bigger problem. Seattle residents who brave the morning commute waste 63 hours per commuter per year. This metropolis has mastered the art of bad traffic. Much of Seattle’s traffic lies in the fact that Seattle is geographically predisposed to more than a few jams. Surrounded by water, many of Seattle’s main roadways were reduced in size causes slower traffic, many of Seattle’s bridges have planned and unplanned openings and make for bumper-to-bumper traffic during inconvenient peak times.

Highway and traffic with Seattle downtown architecture.
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