U.S. States with the Best Vineyards

by Mahogany WaldonNovember 22, 2017

A map of vineyards across the U.S.

Raise your glasses! Whether you prefer red or white, blanc or noir, these U.S. states are serving up some of the best vineyards in the country. Getting your hands on a perfect bottle of wine from one of these regions might be closer than you think!

  1. Lake Erie Wine Country

    The Lake Erie Wine Country is a stretch of nearly 30,000 acres of land. Many of the acres are grapes of the Labrusca variety. The region spreads between Pennsylvania and New York. There are over 20 different wineries as well as dining and lodging for those who consider themselves wine lovers. Visitors can also take tours of the wineries and surrounding land.

  2. Monticello Wine Trail, Virginia

    What could be better than enjoying wine and getting a history lesson at the same time? History buffs, you’re in luck! This historic trail is comprised of over 30 wineries as well as wine-making antiquity. The Monticello Wine Trail takes its guests on a journey fit for notable U.S. figures. Thomas Jefferson, whos famous home (Monticello) sits in the classic city of Charlottesville. Monticello is a symbol to New World vineyards. T.J. envisioned the area surrounding his grand home to be filled with grapevines. Now, nearly two centuries after his death, the Blue Ridge Mountains offer some of the best domestic wines in the country!

  3. New England Coast

    The Coastal Wine Trail is a sight to behold! Nothing beats a glass of cozy wine on a lush beach. This wine trail has some of the most scenic wineries including Newport Vineyard, Coastal Vineyards, Saltwater Farms Vineyards and more. The Coastal Wine trail stretches through Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Visitors can also pick up a Coastal Wine Trail passport at any CWT winery, those with a book of stamps are entered to win luxury prizes including a 7-day Bermuda cruise. Who’d want to miss the chance to upgrade your coastal trip to a tropical paradise?

  4. Rio Grande, New Mexico

    Rio Grande Vineyard and Winery in Las Cruces, New Mexico is truly grand with its “Real Taste of New Mexico!” Visits not only include the taste of New Mexico’s finest wines, but New Mexico is also the world’s leading producers of pecans. The vineyard offers in and out of the shell pecans from its pecan orchard year-round. The vineyard also produces its own honey for a sweet treat to go with your new bottle of wine.

  5. Western Slope, Colorado

    Western Slope’s Wineries and Vineyards has a lot to offer to wine connoisseurs. This wine train offers fun activities in Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs. Ever been to a winefest? Western Slopes offers an annual Winefest in Palisade, Colorado that is filled with wine, wine, and more wine! If you love wine stomping, tastings, and pairing a glass of wine with divine chocolates and other treats, you’re in luck! Winefest also provides educational seminars and demonstrations. You’ll be knowing the ends and outs of wine while enjoying this amazing trail. Ah, full-bodied, robust… perfect!

And there you have it,  some of the best vineyards and wine trails in the country. If you can’t get enough of wine, check out our listings on Homes.com for some fabulous homes near one of these trails.

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