3 Popular Christmas Tree Species Across the U.S.

by Mahogany WaldonDecember 8, 2017

Christmas time is here. Soon, sleigh bells will be jingling and Santa will be making his way down chimneys. Most people are prepared for their annual visit from St. Nick, their Christmas trees are usually donned and lit soon after Thanksgiving and sometimes before then. Across the US, whether real or artificial, Christmas tree sales are skyrocketing and nothing says Christmas like a live tree!
A map of popular Christmas tree varieties throughout the U.S.
These are some popular tree varieties across the United States:

Eastern White Pine, Mid-Atlantic

The Eastern White Pine is a popular Christmas tree variety. Historically, this pine species was used to build homes and they were also used by early Colonial settlers for shipbuilding. The Eastern White Pine grows fast and is a great ornamental Christmas tree.

Eastern Red Cedar, Central-Southwestern

The Eastern Red Cedar is also commonly called juniper. This tree species is a popular Christmas variety. Cedar is strongly aromatic and its wood has been used for many medicinal uses including essential oil. The Red Cedar grows in a conical shape and makes a perfect Christmas tree.

White Fir, California

The White Fir consists of small, narrow needles. It has great needle retention and a popular, pleasant aroma making it a great Christmas tree variety. The White Fir is one of the nation’s most popular ornamental trees and it’s planted throughout the US and Canada.

Homes.com loves the holidays and we love the environment. Here a few little-known Christmas tree facts and some tips on how to keep your home safe this holiday season for those who plan on buying live Christmas trees.

  1. Arbor Day is nationally recognized and focuses on the preservation and planting of trees.
  2. Evergreen trees have been used to represent the winter season before the biblical symbolism of Christmas.
  3. The first modern recorded uses of Christmas trees were in Germany during the 1500s.
  4. The average growing time of a Christmas tree is seven years.
  5. Christmas trees in the US are typically grown on farms and growing a Christmas tree is fairly easy aside from maintenance and annual pruning.
  6. Pine needles have a variety of uses including being used in recipes like tea and extracted for oil.

Getting a live Christmas tree this year? Don’t forget to take these safety precautions from the American Christmas Tree Association.

  1. Fresh trees are less likely to be the cause of a fire. When Christmas tree shopping, look for a tree with healthy, vibrant needles. A dried out tree can spark a flame if it gets too hot.
  2. Use trusted Christmas tree light bulb brands and throw away old or damaged lights. Any lights that are susceptible to bursting or overheating can cause a house fire.
  3.  Keep your tree away from heat sources like vents blowing heat, fireplaces and space heaters.
  4. If you’re away from home or sleeping, remember to cut the Christmas tree lights off. Never leave a tree with its lights unattended.
  5.   A sign that a Christmas tree is ready to be thrown out is when its needles begin to drop. Keeping a tree too long will cause it to dry out which raises the risk of a house fire.

Be mindful that your tree is live and could possibly be a home for some critters like spiders and even birds. Be sure to thoroughly examine the tree before purchasing it for white bulbs, nests, and visible bugs. Natural insecticides like Neem Oil sprays and diatomaceous earth don’t have any synthetic chemicals and are safe to use around the house and to repel and kill bugs that may be living on your tree.

Don’t feel like buying a live Christmas tree for indoors? Check out this list of winter-hardy trees you can plant in your yard! Happy holidays!

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