Does Your Home Lack a Fireplace? Here are Five Ways to DIY Your Own

by Peter SawyerDecember 22, 2017

One of the best parts of winter is cozying up in front of a blazing fire. People even rent out cabins in hopes of enjoying it. There’s something comforting about warming up by those dancing flames and feeling the heat upon your face. Unfortunately, not all homes have a fireplace to offer that. But no worries — if your place lacks one (or it isn’t working), there are things you can do to capture some of the ambiance that a fireplace provides. Here are some our favorites ways here at Modernize to fill that empty space with some artistic and seasonal ambiance.

Use Candles

If a home doesn’t have a fireplace, it usually has a mantel, and that’s really the key here. One great DIY trick is to arrange candles underneath it. Different heights will add a realistic dynamic, and obviously, once they’re lit, you’ll have your fire. The setup looks stylish as is, but if you want it to really pop, then consider sliding a mirror behind the candles for some extra glow and the appearance of a bigger set piece.
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Pack in Firewood

Okay, so you may not have fire with this one, but that’s all right. The fireplace is generally the focal point of your living room, so with that in mind, the idea is to really have something that serves your room well. A good way to utilize that dead space under the mantel is to pack it tight with logs (ends out). This simple solution will add a seasonal, rustic touch to an otherwise barren space.

Utilize Extra Storage

Everyone could use a little extra storage, but we don’t always have the space. If that’s something you struggle with, this could be the move. By adding a couple shelves to that vacant space under the mantel, you’ll instantly have additional space to display some knickknacks. The area is limited, so you can only really put what will fit, but this will give you a chance to spruce that space right up.
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Create a Book Nook

This one is for you bookworms out there. If you’re a bibliophile who just doesn’t have the space for your growing Stephen King collection, here’s a solution that kills two birds with one stone. Use that space under the mantel to store your books. Load ‘em in there! Not only does this allow you more storage, but you’ll now have one of the more unique fireplaces on the block.

Show off a Gallery

An empty hearth is boring — an eyesore, even. If you have some extra art lying around, this could be the perfect place to display it. In this day and age, it’s easy to run out of wall space for art (those of you with a gallery wall will definitely understand), so why not use an empty fireplace to find those pieces a home?

While it’s never fun to lack a home amenity, you don’t have to let a useless fireplace stop you from enjoying that space. When there’s a will there’s a way, and when you have some ideas to start from, your imagination can take care of the rest. The best part of these options is that they aren’t permanent—if one doesn’t suit your style, you can always switch it up.

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