Take a Look Inside an Architectural Digest Cover Story Home and Get Ready to Get Weird

by Jamey MortonDecember 14, 2017

This Home Belongs on a Magazine Cover

Do you ever look at the homes on the cover of Architectural Digest and think, “Yes, I want to live there“? Do you love wearing Tommy Hilfiger clothes? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then boy, do we have the home for you. For just under $26 million, you can own a home that is probably better defined as a work of art.

Tommy Hilfiger and his wife, Dee, are selling their incredible 14,000 square foot abode in the beautiful Miami beach area. Surrounded by great weather, art, vibrant culture, and loads of palm trees, take a look through this seriously unbelievable home.
tommy hilfiger cover of architectural digest

A Miami Mansion With Plenty of Pizazz

The moment you walk onto the property at 605 Ocean Blvd Golden Beach, your eyes won’t know where to settle. The poolside terrace has an oceanfront view and is decorated with one of many Keith Haring pieces found throughout the home. When you’ve tired of lounging poolside on the gorgeous patio, enter the home where you’ll be met with an astonishing collection of vibrant patterns and colors.

The living room features an incredible swirling carpet and art pieces by Andy Warhol. A high, reflective ceiling complements the art deco style to create an aura that evokes a night at Studio 54.
tommy hilfiger cover of architectural digest

An Art Deco Dream

With a disco ball over one of the eating areas, this house is truly a 60s-70s vision. Each piece of art and furniture was carefully chosen to create a sort of time capsule. The kitchen also features beautiful light fixtures as well as an island with a black and white striped tile surface. The black and white kitchen provides contrast to the rest of the energetic and colorful home.

The sitting area is adorned with Warhol creations mounted on a black and white wall pattern. You can relax on the wraparound black and white couch that surrounds almost the entire room. Or if you’re in the mood for a film, head into the private theater that features psychedelic orange and red wall patterns and retro furniture.
tommy hilfiger cover of architectural digest
But it’s not all play at this mansion. The walls in the office are covered in a blue and red faux-suede fabric pattern that pays homage to the Hilfiger brand.

Disco Decor in Miami, Florida

The bedrooms are really the showstoppers of the home. With 8 of them spread throughout the property and 12 bathrooms, each one has its own style and color scheme. If you happen to love giant, yellow polka dots there is a bedroom that will be sure to have you smiling. If bold, diagonal red and white stripes are more your style, there is a bedroom that will make you quite pleased.

When choosing which of the 12 bathrooms will be your new favorite, keep an eye out for the wallpaper with fruit on it. Those bananas and oranges are actually “scratch and sniff.”
tommy hilfiger cover of architectural digest

A Bold Ocean Front Mansion for a Bold Buyer

This home is a blend of art, culture, jaw-dropping decor, and impressive architecture. If you loved living through the 60’s, or regret that you missed them, this home could be perfect for you.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Architectural Digest cover story home is available now for $25.9 million. Are you bold enough?

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