The 10 Snowiest Cities in America

by Mahogany WaldonDecember 28, 2017

Are you ready for Snowpocalypse 2017-2018? These U.S. cities get the most snowfall annually. Although those of us here at can do without another super scary North American blizzard, these cities come prepared when it comes to snow!
snowiest cities in america
Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, and Snowzilla – meteorologists have coined these phrases when describing monstrous snow storms. With blizzards producing enough snow to trap you inside for more than a few days and dangerous, icy roads, its no wonder heavy winter storms get a bad reputation.

Despite the dangers winter storms can bring, the occasional snowy winter day is perfect for those who love making snow angels and snow cream! If you’d like to have Jack Frost nipping at your nose, consider moving to one of these snowy cities compiled by Niche.

Syracuse gets the most snow annually with 110 inches. Other New York cities like Buffalo, Rochester, and Utica get double-digit snowfall per year as well.

Neighboring New York, Erie, Pennsylvania gets 89 inches of snowfall per year. Flagstaff, Arizona is a surprising city on the list – this mountainous city gets 82 inches of snow annually.

Is snow in the forecast for your city this winter? If heavy snowstorms are predicted for your area, take these precautions from Home Advisor before snow hits.

  1. Before cold weather approaches, you should spend some time cleaning gutters and trimming any tree branches that could fall on your home in the event of a bad storm.
  2.  Pipes should be insulated to prevent them from freezing, which can result in burst pipes and flooding.
  3. Any drafty areas should be caulked, or otherwise repaired.
  4. Your roof should be checked to ensure that there are no leaks and to ensure it’s able to bear the weight of snow predicted for your area.
  5. During winter storms, it is important to stay warm and avoid overexertion.
  6. Ideally, you’ll mostly be indoors during a storm, but if you must go outside, it is important to walk cautiously to avoid slipping and falling on ice.

For more from on how to prepare your home, car, mind, body, and soul for winter weather, check out these winter tips.

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