The 5 Best Cities for Millennials to Move to This Winter

by Ben SanfordDecember 1, 2017

Where Do You Want to Live?

Millennials are among the largest population sectors fueling the real estate market in the US. But, unlike older home buyers, millennials are less likely to settle for what’s available in their local vicinity. They do thorough research before settling on a home, and often, this means moving to a different city or state altogether.

If you’re a millennial looking to take advantage of winter’s slow housing market, then here are five of the best cities for millennials to move to for your consideration.
best cities for millennials san antonio, tx

San Antonio, Texas

Between 2010 and 2013, no other city in America had its millennial population increase more than San Antonio, and it’s no wonder. From its affordable housing to its opportunistic job market to its selection of restaurants, shops, and outdoor recreation, San Antonio has everything today’s younger population of home owners desire.

With abundant sunshine year-round and one of the highest livability scores in the country, San Antonio is a wonderful city to set down roots in. See what’s available in San Antonio’s housing market.

Cleveland, Ohio

Much like nearby Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania did in the late 1990s, Cleveland, Ohio is undergoing a renaissance. It is shedding its rust belt traditions and becoming a vibrant city filled with trendy restaurants, interesting stores, and new businesses. As you might expect, this renewal is very attractive to millennials who are looking to start their lives in a city that’s on an upward trajectory.

The good thing is that while the city is transitioning, the housing market hasn’t yet caught up, which means that millennials can get in on Cleveland’s re-birth at a price point that fits within their budgets. Keep in mind, however, that home prices are going to climb in Cleveland, and soon. So, start looking for your new home in Cleveland today!
best cities for millennials portsmouth, va

Portsmouth, Virginia

Portsmouth, Virginia and the Hampton Roads area in general, is one of the top urban areas for millennials to relocate to according to Time magazine. Between 2010 and 2015, the millennial population in this area increased by 16.4 percent. Portsmouth is a top consideration because of its affordable housing market, growing economy, and its proximity to Virginia Beach.

Oddly enough, another Portsmouth, this one in New Hampshire, is also a hot destination for millennials. It ranks high on the list because of its diverse population, low crime, abundant nightlife, excellent schools, and safe, family-friendly neighborhoods.

Detroit, Michigan

It’s been a while since Detroit has been considered a “great” place to live, but it’s getting a breath of new life thanks to the incredible influx of millennials over the last few years. In fact, LinkedIn ranks Detroit as one of the “surprising cities rapidly attracting millennial job-seekers.”

Attracted to Detroit for its affordable housing options and time-proven industries like automotive, IT and services, and marketing and advertising, younger residents are passionate about where they live and as such, are enticed by the promise of having an active role in turning the city of Detroit around.
best cities for millennials sunnyvale, ca

Sunnyvale, California

Most lists for top cities for millennials rank San Francisco, California very high (if not at the top of the list). But, the truth is that San Francisco’s housing market is about as expensive as you can find in the United States, and as a result, it is keeping out a lot of millennials who simply can’t afford it. This is where Sunnyvale comes in.

Sunnyvale is much more affordable than San Francisco, despite the city not being located all that far away from it. Adding to Sunnyvale’s popularity among millennials is its ranking as one of the healthiest places to live in America. It also ranks in the top ten for outdoor activities. Other attractive factors for Sunnyvale’s popularity include its nightlife, diversity, and low crime rate. Here’s what you can expect to find in Sunnyvale’s housing market.

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