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Imagining the Homes of Iconic Video Game Characters

Many of us have fond memories of being a kid sitting at home in front of a TV, controller or joystick in hand, hoping for high scores and boasting rights at school. Classic video games pair childhood nostalgia with addictive entertainment making the environments in these games as iconic as the characters themselves.

As fans of all things homes, we decided to reimagine what these protagonists’ homes would be and illustrate them using for sale ads, with listings sourced by an 80’s sounding real estate agent, 64 Bit Realty (named after the Commodore 64 gaming console, which came with 64 kilobytes of RAM).

Of course, the truly unforgettable video game of each person’s childhood can vary, so we compiled a list that spans generations and game types. The character’s homes that we included are: Creeper, Donkey Kong, Megaman, Link, the guy from Doom, Mario, Pac-Man, Sonic and Tracer. We used the game storylines and design elements as inspiration to personalize the graphics to each character. Below you’ll find all of the illustrations plus a description for each one.

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


video game character homes: minecraft

Creeper, from the game Minecraft, has a strong fanbase even though he isn’t the primary character. The house designed for him is in the middle of Alaska so he doesn’t have to worry about seeing anyone and can avoid blowing himself up. Plus, there is very little daylight there, which is his preference.

Donkey Kong

video game character homes: donkey kong

Donkey Kong is undeniably a classic video game character. Since he spent his life protecting Donkey Kong Island in the games, he retired on a boathouse traveling the sea. Because he wears a tie in Donkey Kong Country as a symbol of leadership, responsibility, and maturity (since switching from a villain to then a protagonist of his own video game series), his tie is now retired and used to mark his boathouse.


video game character homes: megaman

Megaman is a retro game that has remained popular over the years — in fact, a new version of the game was released this past August. “Rockman” is his Japanese moniker, and the “rock” part refers to rock and roll, since his sister’s name is Roll. Thus, Megaman’s house is topped with a guitar and is perfect for music lovers.


video game character homes: legend of zelda

Some know Link from the Legend of Zelda, while others know him from his appearances in games like Super Smash Bros. Either way, we felt that he was an important character to include in our designs. After his long, adventurous quest for justice and peace in his games, he is ready to settle down. So, his home was imagined to be in the mountains as a nice, small log cabin.

“Doom Guy”

video game character homes: doom

Doom Guy” isn’t officially named, but this is how many identify him. He’s had a rough life throughout his games. After 40 years of fighting demons from hell, we thought he’d be ready to settle down in a nice suburban neighborhood and live out the American dream. His home has some of the classic home elements that are the opposite of what he experienced in the game — lush greenery, manicured lawn, etc. He can’t escape his past, though, made apparent by fires and demons on the attack.


video game character homes: super mario bros

Anyone who likes video games knows Mario (and probably his brother too). His house is an Italian-style villa as a hat tip to his European heritage. The architecture and landscaping are also designed to fit into the Super Mario Bros universe including the game’s power-up mushrooms.


video game character homes: pac-man

The objective of Pac-Man’s video game is one of the simplest on our list, but iconic nonetheless. We imagined that he developed an obsession with ghosts in all of his years running away from them in mazes. Because of this, he acquired an old, haunted house surrounded by tasty (high scoring) fruit trees!


video game character homes: sonic the hedgehog

Sonic has remained a popular character and even had a new release this past November. Since he rescued animals throughout his games, he now lives in a farmhouse where he has both land to run fast and a safe place for all of the animals he has saved. Just like the game’s diverse landscapes, Sonic chooses to live within an easy run of palm trees, beachfront and more.


video game character homes: overwatch

Tracer is a character who has time travel and teleportation abilities from a recent, popular multiplayer game with a large fanbase. Being someone who has had a history of strange nightmares as a kitchen maid in a large house in the country, we thought she’d seek out the opposite in her home. In this city condo, she can always go out to eat fish and chips, one of her favorites, betraying her British heritage.

It’s always fun to reimagine fictional environments as real-life settings, and these illustrations allowed us to do just that. So now it’s your turn: was your favorite video game character included? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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