Feeling Religious? You Can Move Into This Working Church in Kansas Today!

by Jamey MortonJanuary 4, 2018

Looking for a New Home in Kansas?

Did the holiday season get you in a religious mood? Or do you just love the architecture of churches? Well, this working church in Kansas is on the market and it could be yours for under $90,000. With 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and 10,000 square feet of land, this property may just be the answer to your prayers — no pun intended.
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A Turn-Key Church Ready to Buy

This building was built around 1910 and was majorly renovated in about 1950. The border is lined with limestone to give it that classic look, and it is zoned for both commercial and residential development. That means you can purchase this space, walk on in and it is ready for use. The structure is incredible, and each ornate piece is unique.
church in kansas

Inside the Brick Church

The church itself is very notable with some special pieces, which you’ll notice as you enter through the doors to be awed by the 50 stained glass windows, two of which are enormous and priced at about $20,000. You can sit in one of the beautiful solid white oak pews and bask in the lovely light that floats in through the windows (the blues and greens are magnificent!).

The pews lead back to an incredible pipe organ that is in working condition, which means you can fill the church with music to celebrate with your congregation or your friends and family. The pipe organ was built by Reuters in Kansas (the instrument would cost nearly $100,000 to buy today). There are even two different areas for worship, one modern and one classic. No matter what you decide to do with this building, it is majestic and sturdy and ready for anything.
church in kansas

Residency Inside the Church

The residency has a beautiful, tree-lined private back entrance that leads into a full kitchen with retro wooden cabinetry and a convenient island in the center. Next to the kitchen is the dining room and living area, both of which are open and spacious. In this church-turned-residence, you have room to cook your meals and entertain your friends comfortably.

With a full washer and dryer hookups and cozy bathrooms, you have everything you need in the residential portion. There is even a personal organ for you to play during the off-hours!
church in kansas

Is the Kansas Brick Church the Home for You?

If you’ve been looking for a property that has a little something extra going on, why not take a look at the Kansas Brick Church? You can utilize it as a church or as a residential property!

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