It’s Not Too Late! Discover the Most Affordable Snowbird Destinations for 2018

by Carson BuckJanuary 26, 2018

Get Away for the Winter

As we settle into the dead of winter, the reality of a cold, hard season slowly sets in. Our lips are chapped, our toes are cold, and we’re tired of seeing our own breath in the air. Luckily, there’s still time to escape the winter blues. Many folks elude winter’s coldest months by heading south to warmer destinations, where the sun is shining and the skies are blue.

Once we hit the coldest part of the winter season, the thought of an extra warm destination becomes much more important than the specific location in question. If you are looking to escape to a warm-weather haven this winter but are concerned with affordability, use this list of the most affordable snowbird destinations of 2018 as your guide.
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Clearwater, Florida

Located on the gulf, Clearwater is ripe with gorgeous beaches, delicious food, and plenty of activities to keep you busy during the winter months. A short drive from St. Petersburg and Tampa, Clearwater offers smaller crowds and cheaper Airbnb prices than many of its larger surrounding cities. Waiting for you there are plenty of palm-lined beaches that boast super clear water, earning the town the name “Clearwater.”

Blogger Lela London recommends spending a day checking out the Marine Aquarium where you can meet “Winter,” the rescued dolphin with a prosthetic tail. Then, walk across the causeway for a dolphin tour — the region is home to one of the largest pods of bottlenose dolphins. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, indulge in one of the town’s many delicious seafood options.

Pahoa, Hawaii

Pahoa, Hawaii is the definition of affordable luxury. Located on the big island, it’s the perfect way to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life as you relax in a remote, tropical setting. With close proximity to coffee plantations, miles of gorgeous beaches, and even a volcano, it’s the perfect vacation destination for snowbirds who may be looking for a little adventure.

According to, you can enjoy black sand beaches, tide pools, heated fresh water pools, and a charming local culture. With a historic theater, western style storefronts, and multiple healing and meditation centers, there may not be a better tropic getaway destination.
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Charleston, South Carolina

Snowbirds looking for mild temperatures and amazing culture will love spending the winter months in the city of Charleston. Charleston is an ideal location for folks who don’t like frigid temperatures, but also aren’t looking for hot beaches.

Stroll around Riley Waterfront Park and check out gorgeous views and incredible wildlife. Infamous southerner, Reese Witherspoon, recommends spending a day browsing Blue Bicycle Books, enjoying delicious french toast at Toast, and taking a boat ride to Fort Sumter.

Tucson, Arizona

Located in southern Arizona, Tucson is the perfect destination for north-westerners who need to escape the cold but want to avoid the crowds and high prices of California. Tucson is overflowing with tons of opportunities for wine tasting, eating delicious food, taking advantage of great shopping, rich history, and gorgeous desert landscapes.

For folks wanting to get outside during the day, Saguaro National Park offers impressive views, miles of trails, and ancient petroglyphs, too. For a delicious meal after a day of adventuring in the desert, Kristen from the Wandering Brunette recommends the three-cheese grilled cheese from 47 Scott.
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It’s 2018, Your Winter Warmer Should Be a Destination

This winter, forget about overpriced hotels and overcrowded beaches—snowbirds across the country are opting for these affordable destinations that offer plenty of cheap sunshine, and leave nothing to be desired. Relax, eat a delicious meal, enjoy the sunset, and don’t worry about dipping into your retirement fund. For winter getaways on a budget, these cities are a must.

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