Take a Tour Inside the Famous Home Known as the Pink Lady

by Jamey MortonJanuary 11, 2018

Discover the Famous Pink Lady Home With Our Virtual Tour

Muskegon’s beloved local landmark home, the “Pink Lady,” is officially back on the market. The cotton candy pink home is prized for its dedication to its pink skin (inside and out), its old age on a street that’s full of stately Victorian homes, and for its presidential anecdote, too.

As a prized, centuries-old home, this property is sure to sell quickly. So before the Pink Lady finds a new owner, follow our virtual tour below inside this famous pink property and consider making this the next place you call home.
pink lady house

Visiting Michigan’s Landmark Pink Lady Home

On a street lined with historic Victorian Homes, the Pink Lady rises tall, proudly displaying her status as the oldest house on the block. On a half-acre lot, the three-story property exemplifies historic, east coast living. And while the tree-filled yard and cotton candy exterior are enough eye candy to make us fall in love with this property, the home’s interior has even more to offer.

Step Inside This Pink National Historic Register Home

Built in 1888, the Pink Lady was notable in her day for having electricity before the 1900s, and for its old school bell system used to run a house staff and the basement broiler. But today, this historic register home boasts all the modern conveniences you might desire.
pink lady house
With 5 bedrooms and two baths, the Pink Lady offers ample living space for a family or frequent entertainer. And if you’re the latter, you’ll love admiring the Lady’s resplendent finishes throughout the home that include: inlay-laced wood floors, custom mahogany woodwork, and three custom-detailed, ornate fireplaces, of which one depicts tales from The Iliad.

Throughout the home, you’ll notice the Pink Lady has no aversion to color. The living room welcomes visitors into a sunburnt orange space, which then leads to a poppy-red dining area, which is followed by a sweet tangerine-hued kitchen. There are also many other colors in the family room, sitting room, attic bedroom, and even the sizable basement.
pink lady house
While we don’t mind the way the warm hues dominate the spacious home, we can’t say we’re a fan of every room color – after all, the tiles in the shared bath are nothing short of “Pepto Bismol pink!”

Still, the Pink Lady is hard not to love. The rich mahogany stairs that escort you between floors fill the home with a sense of grandeur. Her irreplaceable details, such as the floral stained-glass panes, or the basket-weave patterned brass fixtures, make this one-of-a-kind property invaluable.

And just when you thought the home couldn’t become any more notable, you learn that it was in the Pink Lady’s living room where future president Gerald Ford formally announced that he was preparing to run for Congress. It’s a home of intention, a home of national change, and a home that’s truly devoted to the color pink.
pink lady house

Invest in One of Michigan’s Most Iconic Pink Homes

After four years of intensive rehabilitation work, the Pink Lady is more valuable than ever. If you’re ready to invest in a well-preserved historic home, search no further. Listed under $200k at $189,900, this historic home is a steal.

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