Take a Walk Inside the Ultra-Eco-Friendly Shipwreck House Today

by Jamey MortonJanuary 18, 2018

All Aboard! Explore This Eco-Conscious Shipwreck Home

Washed up along California’s shores, you’ll find a nautical mystery known lovingly as the Shipwreck House. While the “shipwreck” name is little bit misleading (the structure isn’t made from an actual shipwreck, mind you), the home does resemble part of a ship that’s recently grounded onto a rocky shore.

In both structure and form, the Shipwreck House is a true pioneer when it comes to style. The home is an architectural marvel, designed to pay homage to ships that have sailed along the shores of Folsom Lake, but the home is also a forerunner in terms of green living. Designed with the latest green technologies, the Shipwreck House is a prime example of eco-conscious living. Ready to set sail?
shipwreck home

Hoist Your Sale and Visit California’s Shipwreck House

Located on the shores of picturesque Folsom Lake, this eco-conscious Shipwreck Home boasts panoramic lake and mountain views from every angle. As you approach the singular property, marvel at the surrounding Sierra foothills landscape: the home’s structure reflects its picturesque surroundings. If you stand back from the home, you’ll notice that the ship-shaped structure appears to float on the lake in the background, as corrugated steel stands strong like a sail.

While the home is only an hour from nearby ski resorts, and a mere 2 hours from San Francisco proper, once you step inside this home you might not want to leave…
shipwreck home

Ready To Be the First Mate at The Shipwreck House?

If you’re all ready captivated by the home’s unique exterior, just wait until you settle in to the captain’s quarters. Inside, the home continues to pay homage to the surrounding landscape; the open floor plan of this custom-designed property mimics the serpentine flow of the neighboring Sierra foothills landscape.

The kitchen is particularly striking, as a built-in cook-top stands tall in the unique crescent-shaped, stainless steel kitchen. As you prepare meals in this commercial-grade kitchen, your gaze will rest on the blue floors that span the home, creating the sensation that you’re preparing your latest meal out at sea.
Other home features we love? A detached studio guesthouse with full bathroom for fickle passengers, a pool that overlooks Folsom Lake, three bedrooms, and a detached 3-car garage, too.

While the home is captivating for its modern amenities and nautical style, its real innovation stems from the abundance of green features throughout. For starters, the home is completely solar powered, thanks to the solar panels placed overheard that resemble sails. When the weather is sunny and on the captain’s side, the home ends up selling power back to the energy company, PG&E. Likewise, the home is equipped with the capacity to store up to 12,000 gallons of rain water.
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Passage Fare: How Much Does it Cost to Own a Shipwreck Home?

Far from actually being a dilapidated wood structure nestled on the California shore, the Shipwreck Home is one of the state’s preeminent green living spaces. With 4,466 square feet of eco-friendly living space, this home is listed for just shy of $3 million. Ready to invest in a one-of-a-kind piece of real estate? Don’t delay! Put down an offer, and prepare to hoist your sales in the iconic Shipwreck Home.

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