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#HereForTheRightReasons: An Analytical Bachelor Breakdown

Like most people, the Homes.com team is obsessed with The Bachelor, and with just six contestants remaining, we can’t wait to see how Arie’s season ends.

While the end of a season and the selection of a winner is the obvious highlight of the show, there was actually something we noticed at the start of the season that got us thinking a little deeper when it comes to America’s favorite reality show. Namely, it felt like there were a lot of Laurens on the show.

Sure enough, there were four different Laurens, making it the most common first name for contestants this season… The more we thought about this excess of Laurens, we wondered what the most common contestant name in Bachelor history is, and then we started pondering other statistics about the women who have appeared on the seasons of The Bachelor, like what jobs they typically have, how old they are, and especially what cities and states contestants most commonly call home.

We decided to get some answers for ourselves by digging into the information the show has given us on all the women from season one to now. Once we did, we realized the information was just too good not to share it with The Bachelor Nation! So without further ado, here’s our exclusive Bachelor Breakdown:


It was nice to find out we weren’t crazy about it feeling like there has been an absolute ton of Laurens on this show over the years, with 15 different contestants having the name, the most of any sobriquet over the course of the show’s history. The next closest names, Sarah, Ashley, and Amber, all clock in with 10 contestants, only two-thirds as many as the Laurens!

In a minor surprise, neither New York nor Los Angeles are able to claim the title of the city the most Bachelor contestants call home, with that honor instead going to Chicago by a surprisingly wide margin. For anyone out there with dreams of finding love on The Bachelor, it might be time to look for a new home in the Windy City!

Want to maximize your chances of being selected for the show but don’t want to deal with the Midwestern cold in Chicago? Well, don’t worry, because while Chi-town may be the individual city that has sent the most women to the show, sunny California is the state that has churned out the most contestants, doubling the second place contender, Florida. This means that making the West Coast home may be just the thing someone needs to catch the eye of a producer!

If it sometimes feels like the show is populated exclusively by women in their mid-20s, it’s because it basically is! The ages of 24, 25, and 26 are easily the most common contestant ages in show history, with at least 75 women appearing on the show while they were those ages.

While America may have a shortage of teachers, The Bachelor definitely doesn’t. Educators are among the most common contestants on the show, ironically beating out “student” for the top spot.

Just because certain places produce the MOST contestants, doesn’t mean it produces the BEST ones. To figure out which cities produce the contestants that are the best at playing The Bachelor game, we took our research on the most common cities contestants call home and averaged how many roses contestants from those cities earned on the show. For all of these rose averages, we only used information on contestants from seasons that have already aired, excluding the current season for these parts of our analysis.

While Chicago sends the most women to the show, these women frequently find themselves back on the shores of Lake Michigan in short order, with only contestants from San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York earning fewer roses on average. There must be something special in the water in Atlanta and Dallas, however, as those are the only cities in our top 10 that produce contestants that average more than four roses while on the show.


The Bachelor is all about matters of the heart, so it makes sense that the most successful occupation on the show is the one that knows the most about taking care of the heart (and the rest of the human body)! Of the 10 most common occupations, nurses have historically done the best, garnering four and a half roses on average. Students, on the other hand, still have a lot to learn about love as they fare the worst in our analysis, averaging just 2.8 roses.

Things got pretty interesting when it came to how well contestants of different ages perform on the show, especially when considering the overall age breakdown from earlier. While age 36 is one of the least common ages ever on the show with just two contestants, those women earned an incredible six roses on average, putting them in strong contention for a ring!

On the flip side, it seems like nobody likes you when you’re 25, at least on The Bachelor. While that is the most common contestant age overall, it is also essentially the worst performing age. If it weren’t for the only 39-year-old in the show’s history – season six’s Melinda – earning a single rose, the worst average rose total would belong to the 25-year-olds, who only earn two roses on average.


Interestingly, by breaking down the number of roses given out to women from each state, we found that women from the top corners of the country as well as states in the middle of America have done well for themselves over the years. Maine and Oregon have seen their contestants earn nine and seven roses on average, respectively, while Wisconsin, Iowa, Arkansas, and Louisiana average at least four and a half roses each. West Virginia takes the top overall spot thanks to that state’s only representative, season 15 winner and eventual Bachelorette, Emily Maynard.

Remember all those Laurens from earlier? Well, they do pretty… average for themselves, honestly. Of the ten most popular contestant names, four perform better than the Laurens while five do worse. Leading the way is the name, Jennifer, at 4.88 roses on average, while Amy is the only top 10 name to get less than two roses, with an average of just 1.71.

So what does it all mean? Aside from revealing just how much time we spend thinking about this show, it helps us put together a profile of what the ideal Bachelor contestants would look like. So if you’re a 36-year-old nurse named Jennifer looking for love, it might just be time to check the listings on Homes.com to find the perfect Atlanta home to maximize your chances of Bachelor success!

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