Birthplaces of US Presidents

by Mahogany WaldonFebruary 19, 2018

It’s almost President’s day. Right in time for the holiday, has compiled a quick history lesson for those of us (Editor – like me) who might not have known why President’s Day is celebrated as a national holiday. From wacky monikers for the President of the United States to lesser known facts, we’ve got you covered below.

A map highlighting 7 states that produced more than 1 president. Virginia, Ohio, New York, etc.

Virginia has produced eight U.S. Presidents. Notable presidents from the Old Dominion include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Zachary Taylor, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James Madison, Woodrow Wilson, and James Monroe. Four of the five first presidents were born in Virginia. Those traveling in Virginia can view the homes of Thomas Jefferson (Monticello, George Washington (Mount Vernon), James Madison (Montpelier), James Monroe (Highland), William Henry Harrison (Berkeley Plantation), and John Tyler (Sherwood Forest).

Ohio comes in second place with seven presidents being born in the Buckeye State. Ohio’s most notable presidents were William Taft, Ulysses S. Grant, and James Garfield. New York is in third place with five presidents. The most notable are Theodore Roosevelt and his nephew Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Massachusetts had four presidential births. Vermont, Texas and North Carolina are tied with two.

President’s Day Fun Facts

  • President’s Day is celebrated every third Monday in February
  • POTUS and FLOTUS have become the unofficial nicknames of the President of the United States and First Lady of the United States. The monikers were popularly used by former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama as Twitter handles.
  • The holiday was created to celebrate George Washington’s birthday (the first POTUS).
  • Despite President’s Day being held in February, only four presidents were actually born in the month of love. Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are the two most-known. Ronald Reagan and William Henry Harrison were also February babies.
  • Many retailers utilize President’s Day sales to get rid of out-of-stock items.
  • Cherries are very popular when making desserts for George Washington’s birthday. The reason relates to an infamous tale of George Washington and cutting down a cherry tree. Many states hold celebrations around his birthday and America has been celebrating Washington’s birth since the 1700s when he was still living.

Want to move your family to a  state with lots of fun presidential history? Take a look at our listings! Happy President’s Day.

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