Here’s What the Architizer A+ Award Winners Taught Us About Textile Trends

by Alex ThatcherFebruary 2, 2018

An Awards Program to Recognize Meaningful Design

Each year, the Architizer A+ Awards recognizes the best-of-the-best in architecture, design, textiles, and creative product production. But it’s more than just an awards program — finalists and winners get to present their working projects to an enormous audience, and to be recognized in the top tier of luminaries and creatives from around the world.

The A+ Awards are broken into three categories: Typology Categories, Plus Categories, and Product Categories. In the Product Categories, you’ll find things like flooring, lighting, building, and finishes. Within the subcategory of “finishes,” you’ll find a gorgeous league of award-winning textiles that will influence designers and architects for the year to come. From upholstery and drapery to space division textiles, these award-winning fabrics and textiles set the bar — and here’s what we distilled from the winners.
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Geometry Is In

The top five fabrics and textile winners all had one thing in common: geometric patterns. Structural surfaces make smooth, sheer fabrics pop and look almost 3D. Many of the winning textiles feature neutral colors that allow contemporary patterns and graphics to really stand out.
Take Eprisma, for example. A product of Création Baumann, the semi-transparent curtain features an extravagant geometric pattern that will play with light as it shines through a window. Shimmery shades of neutral bronze, white, and anthracite give the material a sophisticated depth.

Sustainability Is a Priority

If you have the chance of filling your home or office with sustainable fabrics and textiles, jump at it. WOVNS is a digital platform that gives designers access to the means of textile production. The company works with U.S. textile manufacturers to develop a patent-pending jacquard loom system that facilitates the production of textiles in customizable quantities — as little as one yard.

In an era of milling machines, mass production, and outsourcing, companies that creatively keep their products sustainable and viable are the ones that win out. Furthermore, WOVNS promotes and features independent designers, offering royalties to contributors for each and every yard of fabric sold. When looking to invest in fabrics and textiles, why not go for a company that gives back?
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Keep It Functional

The companies and designers that did well at the Architizer A+ Awards all created a product that not only looked beautiful, but also served a specific purpose. Take the shade textile, the Sunbrella, as an example. The Sunbrella Contour delivers ultimate UV protection and long-lasting performance. Extremely durable, the textile works as awning fabric and will also protect you from harmful UV rays.

Carnegie’s Reflectacoustic curtains also delivers in terms of both design and functionality. Design-minded textiles and curtains absorb sound and reduce window heat and glare. You can browse five neutral colors that will bring warmth to your space while still protecting it from the elements.
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Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than the Best

If there’s anything that we learned from the 2017 Architizer awards, it’s that you shouldn’t ever have to choose between style and function, or design and sustainability. The competition is tough, and companies and designers are working harder than ever to deliver the highest quality textiles in the most cutting-edge designs.

Be sure to check out the winners of other design categories, as Architizer has highlighted some of the best-of-the-best when it comes to designers and architects whose goal it is to bring both style and function to a space.

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